How does Audible for Business work?

When organizations partner with Audible for Business, you purchase a bundle of titles based on team size that you share with your team. Your initial purchase starts your organization or team’s account and unlocks all of the features and benefits of Audible for Business. To get started, simply:

  1. Purchase a recommended bundle of titles. Title bundles are recommended by Audible for Business based on typical usage of specific team sizes.
  1. Invite as many team members as you like to access the Audible for Business catalog.
  1. Titles deduct from your balance only when team members add titles to their library.

Please visit the Pricing page for more information on what’s included. If you have large organization or enterprise needs, please complete our form here .

Do I need an Amazon account to purchase?

Yes, you will need to use a registered Amazon account in order to complete your purchase. Audible is an Amazon company and we take pride in providing an easy and secure customer experience.

Is Audible for Business available for purchase outside of the US

Audible for Business is only available to organizations based in the US.

What reporting do you provide?

As part of Audible for Business, you can access automated engagement reporting. Please see our Pricing page for more information about what’s included.

What is Audible for Business’ privacy policy?

The Amazon Privacy Notice governs data practices applicable to various Amazon products, services and offerings, including Audible for Business. Please review that notice for further information regarding our privacy policy.

For any other inquiries, please visit our Help Center