Audible UK Takes the Stage at the Wilderness Festival

Bonnie Greer, Scarlett Curtis and Rose McGowan stand side-by-side at the Wilderness Festival’s Audible Live Stage.
Bonnie Greer, Scarlett Curtis and Rose McGowan at the Wilderness Festival’s Audible Live Stage.

If Burning Man and Coachella decided to elope and run off together to the English countryside the result would be akin to the Wilderness Festival, a unique blend of music, pioneering live performances, talks, debates, theatrical spectaculars, health and wellbeing and culinary delights. Audible UK was right at the center of the four-day festival this summer, hosting a live audio-first stage that celebrated the power of the spoken word with engaging and insightful talks, debates, discussions and performances.

Leading talent headlined the Audible Live Stage, such as director, actor, activist and #MeToo advocate Rose McGowan, TV presenter and award-winning radio presenter Dermot O’Leary, Sunday Times best-selling author and comedian Adam Kay, and Sunday Times best-selling author Scarlett Curtis, among many others.

Of course we recorded these exciting discussions and performances. The Audible Original, Audible Live from Wilderness Festival 2019, is available to listeners in the UK, Australia and Canada. Dermot O’Leary’s interview of producer John Lloyd from the Audible Live Stage will be included in his new Audible Original People, Just People, launching this fall.

Producer John Lloyd sits in a chair on the Audible stage at the Wilderness Festival in a blue button shirt, tie and blue jeans being interview by Dermot O'Leary who sits on stage in a chair opposite him in a black t-shirt and khaki pants. The audience is viewable in the background.
Producer John Lloyd was interviewed by Dermot O'Leary before a captive audience.
Rose McGowan sits on a chair on the Audible Live Stage at the Wilderness Festival. Her arms are spread wide, her fingers splayed as she performs. She is wearing a white dress with embroidered flowers.
Rose McGowan on the Audible Live Stage, which held four days of spoken word performances.


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