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iTunes / iPod Software
Audible Download Manager®

Audible Download Manager for iTunes 4.5 or greater allows you to download audio files directly from into iTunes without using AudibleManager.

Download ADM for Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
MP3 Player Software (All non-iPod mp3 players)

AudibleManager allows you to download Audible audio to your computer, transfer and manage audio on a mobile audio player, and listen to your audio directly from your pc.

Download AudibleManager for Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
Mobile Software
AudiblePlayer® for smartphones and palm OS Handhelds

Microsoft Windows Mobile Devices AudiblePlayer lets you listen to Audible audio on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone. Download this file if you already have AudibleManager installed on your computer, but do not have AudiblePlayer installed on your Windows Mobile device.

AudibleAir for Mobile Phones

AudibleAir enables you to wirelessly download Audible audio right to your mobile phone without being connected to your desktop. With AudibleAir, you can also easily set up a schedule for automatic wireless delivery of your audio programs and subscriptions.

Windows Media Player Software
Audible Download Manager® for Windows Media Player 11

ADM for Windows Media Player 11 allows you to download Audible audio directly from into Windows Media Player 11 without using AudibleManager.

Download ADM for Windows Media Player 11
CD burning

Your Audible content can be burned to CD using the following software applications:

Other Ways to Listen
J.River MediaCenter
    Browse the Audible store without leaving MediaCenter. Search the catalog through the MediaCenter search bar. Use the power of MediaCenter's database to recognize your audiobook collection. Play Audible files from your PC and home theater (if connected). Transfer Audible files to your iPOd® or favorite PlaysForsure® handheld device. Stream Audible files to your TiVo® series2.
Download a Free Trial of J.River Media Center