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The First Formic War
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    Earth Unaware

    • UNABRIDGED (13 hrs and 59 mins)
    • By Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston
    • Narrated By Stefan Rudnicki, Stephen Hoye, Arthur Morey, and others
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The mining ship El Cavador is far out from Earth, in the deeps of the Kuiper Belt, beyond Pluto. Other mining ships, and the families that live on them, are few and far between this far out. So when El Cavador’s telescopes pick up a fast-moving object coming in-system, it’s hard to know what to make of it. It’s massive and moving at a significant fraction of the speed of light.

    El Cavador has other problems. Their systems are old and failing. The family is getting too big for the ship. There are claim-jumping corporate ships bringing Asteroid Belt tactics to the Kuiper Belt.

    Keith says: "Earth Unaware is a must listen for Ender fans"
    Earth Unaware is a must listen for Ender fans

    Earth Unaware is one of the better audio books that I have listen to. Orson Scott Card is a master writer and the audio book performance is brilliant..Show More »

    Reviewed on August 08 2012 by Keith (JACKSON, MI, United States)
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    Earth Afire

    • UNABRIDGED (15 hrs and 13 mins)
    • By Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston
    • Narrated By Stephen Hoye, Arthur Morey, Stefan Rudnicki, and others

    One hundred years before Ender's Game, the aliens arrived on Earth with fire and death. Earth Afire by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston is the story of the First Formic War. Victor Delgado beat the alien ship to Earth, but just barely. Not soon enough to convince skeptical governments that there was a threat. They didn’t believe that until space stations and ships and colonies went up in sudden flame. And when that happened, only Mazer Rackham and the Mobile Operations Police could move fast enough to meet the threat.

    DocJim says: "This is a GREAT adventure Sci-Fi Book. Masterful!"
    This is a GREAT adventure Sci-Fi Book. Masterful!

    I fell in love with Sci-Fi from reading "Ender's Game" many, many, years ago. Even great writers like Orson Scott Card can write mediocre stories -- ..Show More »

    Reviewed on June 06 2013 by DocJim (Low Prices,Great Service - Please Keep it that way!)
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    Earth Awakens: The First Formic War, Book 3

    • UNABRIDGED (14 hrs)
    • By Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston
    • Narrated By Stefan Rudnicki

    Nearly 100 years before the events of Orson Scott Card’s best-selling novel Ender’s Game, humans were just beginning to step off Earth and out into the Solar System. A thin web of ships in both asteroid belts; a few stations; a corporate settlement on Luna. No one had seen any sign of other space-faring races; everyone expected that First Contact, if it came, would happen in the future, in the empty reaches between the stars. Then a young navigator on a distant mining ship saw something moving too fast, heading directly for our sun.

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