The Tower and Hive
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    The Rowan: Tower and Hive, Book 1

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 47 mins)
    • By Anne McCaffrey
    • Narrated By Jean Reed Bahle

    The kinetically gifted, trained in mind/machine gestalt, are the most valued citizens of the Nine Star League. Using mental powers alone, these few Prime Talents transport ships, cargo, and people between Earth's Moon, Mars' Demos and Jupiter's Callisto.

    James P. Dyer says: "Not a bad start"
    Not a bad start

    This is sort of a continuation of the Pegasis series and does continue the story. The only downfall is the length of the book which if this was a movi..Show More »

    Reviewed on August 24 2010 by James P. Dyer (Riverside, CA United States)
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    Damia: Tower and Hive, Book 2

    • UNABRIDGED (11 hrs and 31 mins)
    • By Anne McCaffrey
    • Narrated By Jean Reed Bahle

    The Rowan was one of the greatest telepaths ever born, treasured by the people she saved from alien invasion - and loved by a young man who never hoped to win her heart. In spite of his feelings, Afra remained loyal to the Rowan. He stayed by her side and helped to raise her Talented daughter, Damia. raise her Talented daughter, Damia. Now, years later, Damia is a full-grown Talent of great power. But terrible alien voices echo within her mind.

    Luke Gillis says: "Two Lives Entwined"
    Two Lives Entwined

    This is a story about love and discovery, two lives are followed till they reach a "Meeting of Minds".
    There are battles and romance, conflict a..Show More »

    Reviewed on January 31 2009 by Luke Gillis (Nashville TN)
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    Damia's Children: Tower and Hive, Book 3

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 42 mins)
    • By Anne McCaffrey
    • Narrated By Jean Reed Bahle

    Damia had deflected a previous attack on the human worlds and sent the aliens into deep space. Hungry for more living space, they return with plans to dominate, armed with knowledge of the psychic defense they can expect from humanity.

    Roberta says: "Great Series"
    Great Series

    It was written by Anne McCaffrey, you just can't go wrong with any of her books.

    Reviewed on November 12 2012 by Roberta (Susanville, CA, United States)
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    Lyon's Pride, Book 4

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs)
    • By Anne McCaffrey
    • Narrated By Jean Reed Bahle

    The beautiful woman called The Rowan was the most powerful telepath on all the planets of the Alliance - until the birth of her daughter, Damia. Damia and her husband, Afra Lyon, were the most extraordinary team of telepaths the Alliance had ever seen - until the powers of their children began to emerge. Now the combined power of all these generations, especially the unique abilities of the younger Lyon clan, is needed to face once and for all the threat of the alien Hivers.

    Kathy says: "A Great End to a Story"
    A Great End to a Story

    I first discovered Anne McCaffrey in the early 70's. If you like Sci-Fi and you haven't discovered Anne McCaffrey, then you have to give her a try. ..Show More »

    Reviewed on October 02 2012 by Kathy (Broken Arrow, OK, United States)
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    The Tower and the Hive: Tower and Hive, Book 5

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 27 mins)
    • By Anne McCaffrey
    • Narrated By Susan Ericksen

    For generations, the descendants of the powerful telepath known as the Rowan have used their various talents to help mankind. They have led Earth to ally itself with the alien Mrdini, and together the two races have held back the predatory Hivers, a deadly insectoid species that kills all life it finds. But like all powerful families, the Rowan clan has also made enemies.

    Rachel says: "Switched narrator. Oops!"
    Switched narrator. Oops!

    As always Anne McCaffry writes a good story. This book is the fifth in the series and as a paperback is enjoyable. Unfortunately they switched reade..Show More »

    Reviewed on September 22 2011 by Rachel ()