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Cousins' War
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    The White Queen: A Novel

    • ABRIDGED (6 hrs and 3 mins)
    • By Philippa Gregory
    • Narrated By Bianca Amato

    BROTHER TURNS ON BROTHER to win the ultimate prize, the throne of England, in this dazzling account of the wars of the Plantagenets. They are the claimants and kings who ruled England before the Tudors, and now Philippa Gregory brings them to life through the dramatic and intimate stories of the secret players: the indomitable women, starting with Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen.

    Catherine says: "Be fair."
    Be fair.

    This is a historical novel written primarily for a female audience by the woman who brought us The Other Boleyn Girl. It is not non-fiction. Of course..Show More »

    Reviewed on April 28 2010 by Catherine (Escondido, CA, United States)
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    The Red Queen: A Novel

    • ABRIDGED (6 hrs and 6 mins)
    • By Philippa Gregory
    • Narrated By Bianca Amato

    Heiress to the red rose of Lancaster, Margaret Beaufort never surrenders her belief that her house is the true ruler of England and that she has a great destiny before her. Her ambitions are disappointed when her sainted cousin Henry VI fails to recognize her as a kindred spirit, and she is even more dismayed when he sinks into madness.

    Melanie says: "Wow, A shrew unveiled."
    Wow, A shrew unveiled.

    Outstanding story. I always wondered how we got the Tudor line on the English throne. It seems it was one single minded women and her courageous son..Show More »

    Reviewed on September 05 2012 by Melanie (Cobbs Creek, VA, United States)