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Summer's just around the corner, but that doesn't mean your brain has to take a vacation. Stock up for your summer learning with a selection of 75+ Great Courses for $6.95 each.

Sale ends May 8th, 2015 at 11:59 PM ET (US).

Subjects in the Summer Learning Sale

  • Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 11 mins)
    • By Mark Leary, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Mark Leary

    Every day of your life is spent surrounded by mysteries that involve what appear to be rather ordinary human behaviors. What makes you happy? Where did your personality come from? Why do you have trouble controlling certain behaviors? Why do you behave differently as an adult than you did as an adolescent?Since the start of recorded history, and probably even before, people have been interested in answering questions about why we behave the way we do.

    Amazon Customer says: "It's average but not exciting"
  • The Great Ideas of Psychology

    • ORIGINAL (23 hrs and 27 mins)
    • By Daniel N. Robinson, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Daniel N. Robinson

    If you’ve ever wanted to delve more deeply into the mysteries of human emotion, perception, and cognition, and of why we do what we do, these 48 lectures offer a superb place to start. With them, you’ll see the entire history of psychology unfold. In the hands of Professor Robinson, these lectures encompass ideas, speculations, and point-blank moral questions that might just dismantle and rebuild everything you once thought you knew about psychology.

    Shirley Stone says: "Outstanding"
  • How We Learn

    • ORIGINAL (11 hrs and 42 mins)
    • By Monisha Pasupathi, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Monisha Pasupathi

    Learning is a lifelong adventure.It starts in your mother's womb, accelerates to high speed in infancy and childhood, and continues through every age. Whether you're actively engaged in mastering a new skill, intuitively discovering an unfamiliar place, or even sleeping-which is fundamental to helping you consolidate and hold on to what you've learned-you are truly born to learn around the clock.But few of us know how we learn, which is the key to learning and studying more effectively.

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  • Origins of the Human Mind

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 24 mins)
    • By Stephen P. Hinshaw, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Stephen P. Hinshaw

    This 24-lecture series is your guide to the latest information and viewpoints on what scientists know about this fascinating subject. Taught by an award-winning teacher whose training as a clinical psychologist straddles both the science of the mind and its impact on individual lives, their comprehensive approach reveals how that science applies to the life of our species - and to your own life as well. The lectures explore theories about how the mind works on both an evolutionary and individual scale.

    Douglas says: "Very enlightening..."
  • Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 12 mins)
    • By Peter M. Vishton, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Peter M. Vishton

    Your senses aren't just a part of you-they define you. Nothing you experience would be possible without the intricate power of your senses. But how much about them do you really know? Your ability to sense and perceive the world around you is so richly detailed and accurate as to be miraculous.

    Caprisha says: "Easy to perceive at all levels..."
  • Psychology of Human Behavior

    • ORIGINAL (18 hrs and 29 mins)
    • By David W. Martin, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By David W. Martin

    Today's psychologist is apt to be very different from the image most people conjure up when asked to picture one - an image that almost always suggests Sigmund Freud or someone like him, complete with leather couch.

    TJ says: "Great listen"
  • Memory and the Human Lifespan

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 2 mins)
    • By Steve Joordens, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Steve Joordens

    What if your memory suddenly vanished, so that you could no longer summon recollections of anything at all? What if you couldn't even remember yourself-not your name, your school, where you worked, or even the face of the total stranger staring back at you from the mirror? This intriguing series of 24 lectures by an honored researcher and teacher explains not only how the various aspects of your memory operate, but the impact memory has on your daily experience of life.

    Kathy Yong says: "Engaging and interesting"
  • How Ideas Spread

    • ORIGINAL (5 hrs and 53 mins)
    • By Jonah Berger, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Jonah Berger

    What makes one novel a bestseller, while a similar work languishes unnoticed? Why are the same few baby names suddenly everywhere? Why is everyone talking about that viral video? Welcome to the science of social epidemics: the cutting-edge study of why some ideas, products, and concepts spread wildly, while others quickly flame out. Anyone who has something to sell, a cause to promote, or a message to spread knows that there are obstacles in creating a message that resonates, spreads, and sticks to make their product or idea the word on the street. Enormous sums of time and money have been spent trying to answer the question of why some ideas catch on. And not only is it an ever-present challenge for businesses, governments, and organizations, but it has long been a source of inquiry for psychologists, economists, and sociologists as well.

    Fabrizio says: "Great informative content at the cost of a few ads"
  • The Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 17 mins)
    • By Andrew Newberg, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Andrew Newberg

    Does God exist? Do we have a soul? Is it possible to make contact with a spiritual realm? How should we respond to the divine? Will life continue beyond death?Most people, whether deeply religious or outright doubters of any spiritual power, have probably pondered these questions for themselves. In fact, the religious impulse is so powerfully pervasive that neuroscience has posed a provocative question: Are our brains wired to worship?

    Amazon Customer says: "Engaging"
  • Theories of Human Development

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 24 mins)
    • By Malcolm W. Watson, The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Malcolm W. Watson

    In these 24 lectures, probe the field of "human development"; the science that studies how we learn and develop psychologically, from birth to the end of life. This very young science not only enables us to understand children and help them develop optimally, but also gives us profound insights into who we are as adults. Professor Watson introduces you to the six theories that have had perhaps the greatest influence on this field

    Mark says: "Great CLEP review"