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William R. Creech

Bainbridge Island, WA United States | Member Since 2001

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  • Cloud Atlas

    • UNABRIDGED (19 hrs and 33 mins)
    • By David Mitchell
    • Narrated By Scott Brick, Cassandra Campbell, Kim Mai Guest, and others

    A reluctant voyager crossing the Pacific in 1850; a disinherited composer blagging a precarious livelihood in between-the-wars Belgium; a high-minded journalist in Governor Reagan's California; a vanity publisher fleeing his gangland creditors; a genetically modified "dinery server" on death-row; and Zachry, a young Pacific Islander witnessing the nightfall of science and civilisation: the narrators of Cloud Atlas hear each other's echoes down the corridor of history.

    Cynthia says: "Complicated and Not Good for Listening!"
    "Clever writing"

    This "novel" is really 6 short stories. The gimmick is that the second story starts in the middle of the first and the third starts in the middle of the second and so on. Only the sixth story is complete and then we get the finish of the fifth, fourth, third, second and first stories. The stories occur in the 1840s, 1930s, 1970s, present, 100+ years, 200+ years.

    On one level, the author is making his philosophical point that mankind is inheritently greedy and willing to kill and enslave other humans. The ultimate result is a corpocracy that destroys everything as we see in the final two stories.

    On another level is a great wordsmith who gives each story a different voice and even a different language while staying true to his message. In the second story, a composer writes to his physicist friend(see third story) that he has conceived a major work which he will call the "Cloud Atlas Sextette." Each of the six parts will be a different instrument and will be interrupted by the next part and finished in descending order by the remaining parts: 12345654321. The composer asks: Is this a conceit or genius? And each listener should probably ask the same question.

    The readers are excellent and it is immediately clear which of the six stories is being read. There are a lot of interesting discussion issues raised by this book. I would buy it again but I imagine that many would not really enjoy it.

    59 of 74 people found this review helpful
  • Bloodlines: An Irene Kelly Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (21 hrs and 6 mins)
    • By Jan Burke
    • Narrated By Eliza Foss
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Effortlessly weaving plot threads from three different eras, Burke constructs a brilliant tale of kidnapping and murder that spans 40 years and features three dedicated, passionate journalists struggling to tie everything together.

    William R. Creech says: "Excellent Crime Novel"
    "Excellent Crime Novel"

    This is a very entertaining crime saga. It begins in 1958 with a multiple murder and kidnapping and then flashes back to 1936 where we are introduced to newspaper man Jack Corrigan and newsboy Connor O'Conner. The mystery then unfolds over the ensuing 65+ years.

    The story is set in the fictional California coastal city of Las Piernas. The author does a great job of showing how the newspaper business changed over time. The same is true for police investigative techniques and tools.

    After listening to this book, I discovered that newspaperwoman Irene Kelly, who does not show up in the book until the 1970s is the main character in a number of other books by the same author. What this books does is fill in some of the history of Las Piernas and the newspaper beginning in the 1930s. It's an excellent listen with a good reader.

    10 of 10 people found this review helpful
  • The Last Spymaster

    • UNABRIDGED (14 hrs and 38 mins)
    • By Gayle Lynds
    • Narrated By David Colacci
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Charles "Jay" Tice was a legend throughout the world of international intelligence. But secretly he was also a traitor, reputedly selling information that will seriously compromise the security of the United States for decades to come. Since his treachery was exposed, Tice has been kept under strict surveillance in a maximum security prison. Then one morning, his cell is discovered empty. Jay Tice has vanished - without tripping an alarm or leaving any trace of his passing.

    A User says: "fast and furious"
    "Good story, weak writing"

    This is a pretty good story. It moves quickly and has some nice plot twists. I know lots of people are happy with this sort of book. The writing is comic book style. The dialogue and description are very weak. The characters are barely developed. If you like action movies, you will probably like this book.

    0 of 0 people found this review helpful
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: The Millennium Trilogy, Book 1

    • UNABRIDGED (16 hrs and 19 mins)
    • By Stieg Larsson
    • Narrated By Simon Vance
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Why we think it’s a great listen: How do you one-up a book that’s already a global literary phenomenon? Hire Simon Vance to (flawlessly) interpret the loves, lives, and murders of Sweden’s cold and secret-filled world. A spellbinding amalgam of murder mystery, family saga, love story, and financial intrigue. It's about the disappearance 40 years ago of Harriet Vanger, a young scion of one of the wealthiest families in Sweden.

    Pamela Murphy says: "COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN"
    "Very disappointed . . ."

    that this book ended. Fortunately, the story effectively continues in "The Girl Who Played with Fire." This is a police procedural novel except that detective is a magazine journalist. What makes it exceptional is the character Lisbeth Salinger who is simply the most remarkable, fascinating character I have ever encountered in fiction.

    The reader is also perfect. He is totally into the rhythm and timing of the prose without being noticeable (compare Scott Brick, who is very good but one is always aware Brick is the reader.) He is very good with the female voices. This is one of the best audiobooks I have listened to. I can't wait for the third book in May of 2010.

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  • Silent Thunder

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 44 mins)
    • By Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen
    • Narrated By Jennifer Van Dyck
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Hannah Bryson is a marine architect who's been given a fascinating assignment. A Russian nuclear submarine called The Silent Thunder has been purchased by the United States for exhibition in a museum. Hannah must create a schematic of the sub to check for hazards and design seamless modifications to make it safe for the thousands of expected visitors. But soon she discovers that she's being used as bait.

    A User says: "More of the same"
    "Good story, comic book writing"

    The story moved quickly and held my interest. The writing was more appropriate to a comic book or juvenile. I was disappointed.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
  • Restless

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs and 21 mins)
    • By William Boyd
    • Narrated By Rosamund Pike
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    It is the summer of 1976 in Oxfordshire, England, and someone is trying to kill Sally Gilmartin. The only person she can trust is her daughter, Ruth, a young single mother struggling with her own demons. Now Sally must tell her daughter the truth: She is actually Eva Delectorskaya, a Russian émigré recruited for the British Secret Service in 1939.

    Susianna says: "Favorite Book of 2007"
    "Atmospheric espionage novel"

    This is a well written novel about spying in Europe and the US before Pearl Harbor. Anyone who has enjoyed Alan Furst's WWII European spy novels would enjoy this one. I know I did.

    6 of 7 people found this review helpful
  • My Friend Leonard

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs and 27 mins)
    • By James Frey
    • Narrated By Andy Paris
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Perhaps the most unconventional and literally breathtaking father-son story you'll ever read, My Friend Leonard pulls you immediately and deeply into a relationship as unusual as it is inspiring. The father figure is Leonard, the high-living, recovering coke addict, "West Coast Director of a large Italian-American finance firm" (read: mobster) who helped to keep James Frey clean in A Million Little Pieces.

    Kathleen says: "Great book"
    "Addict rebuilds his life with help from a friend."

    If you read the blurb, you know the basic story. It is a true story. It is true. It is written in the present tense. This makes it much more powerful. James cried. I cried. You will cry.

    4 of 6 people found this review helpful
  • Hour of the Cat

    • UNABRIDGED (14 hrs and 38 mins)
    • By Peter Quinn
    • Narrated By Stefan Rudnicki, Carrington Macduffie
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    One of hundreds of simple homicides each year, indistinguishable from any other in 1938, was the death of a spinster nurse killed in her apartment. A suspect is caught and convicted. Private Investigator Fintan Dunne is lured into the case and coerced by conscience into unraveling the setup that has put an innocent man on death row. Following the trail leads him into a murder conspiracy of a scope that defies imagination.

    William R. Creech says: "Unusual 1930s style mystery"
    "Unusual 1930s style mystery"

    Strip away everything not involving Fintan Dunne and you are left with a 1930s detective story in the fashion of Dashiell Hammett. When you add in the other story lines that crop up from time to time the result is an audio book that starts slowly and is a little difficult to follow. The other story lines involve eugenics, the pseudoscience that the Nazis used to justify genetic cleansing and the holocaust. The book improves as the several story lines come together and the ending is satisfying.

    10 of 10 people found this review helpful
  • The Lincoln Lawyer

    • UNABRIDGED (11 hrs and 35 mins)
    • By Michael Connelly
    • Narrated By Adam Grupper
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Haller is a Lincoln Lawyer, a criminal defense pro who operates out of the backseat of his Lincoln Town Car, to defend clients at the bottom of the legal food chain. It's no wonder that he is despised by cops, prosecutors, and even some of his own clients. But an investigator is murdered for getting too close to the truth and Haller quickly discovers that his search for innocence has taken him face to face with a kind of evil as pure as a flame.

    Steven says: "Great Legal Thriller, Great Reader"
    "Intense courtroom nover."

    Michael Connelly shifts from police procedural to defense lawyer in this stunning courtroom novel. All of the elements that have made his Harry Bosch novels so good are present here. If you like Connelly (as I do) this is a great listen. I listened almost straight through.

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • Theodore Roosevelt: A Strenuous Life

    • UNABRIDGED (27 hrs and 13 mins)
    • By Kathleen Dalton
    • Narrated By Suzanne Toren

    Esteemed Harvard University historian and Associate Fellow Kathleen Dalton has been studying Theodore Roosevelt since 1975. This authoritative work, incorporating the latest scholarship, paints a compelling portrait of the president in all his robust glory.

    Uri says: "Informative, entertaining and well read"
    "Excellent Biography"

    I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys biography. I was constantly entertained and learned more than a bit of history. The author emphasized Roosevelt the man (his ideas and family life) rather than trying to detail every moment of this public life.

    13 of 14 people found this review helpful
  • The Chairman

    • UNABRIDGED (12 hrs and 8 mins)
    • By Stephen Frey
    • Narrated By Scott Brick

    No one knows the dark side of "The Street" better than master storyteller Stephen Frey, author of such riveting novels as Shadow Account and The Day Trader. Now, in his most ambitious work to date, Frey proves that no writer can put a high-powered hero at greater risk, nor offer readers more thrilling rewards.

    J. Anderson says: "Excellent!"
    "Exciting listen."

    This book is a straight forward conspiracy mystery set in the world of equity capital. The writing is competent and the reading, by Scott Brick, is excellent. The author has written an entertaining book but seems not to have aspired to great literature. It is a fast, exciting listen largely unspoiled by meaningful character development. If you prefer Dan Brown or Robert Ludlum to John LeCarre then this is a book for you.

    0 of 0 people found this review helpful

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