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Louisville, KY, United States | Member Since 2013

  • 8 reviews
  • 75 ratings
  • 773 titles in library
  • 14 purchased in 2015

  • Tarzan of the Apes [Blackstone Edition]

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 22 mins)
    • By Edgar Rice Burroughs
    • Narrated By James Slattery
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Deep in the heart of the Congo a small baby is adopted by Kala, a fierce anthropoid ape of the tribe of Kerchak. Here, protected by his savage foster mother, Tarzan (for so she named him) learned the secrets of jungle life - how to talk with all animals, how to move like a shadow, how to swing freely through the teeming forest, how to fight barehanded the great carnivores. Here he acquired the strength and agility of his guardian apes, and the same keen sense of smell and sound that all wild creatures need to protect themselves.

    Amazon Customer says: "Wonderful"
    "Great Read with a Great Narrator."

    Before I read this book the only foreknowledge of the story that I had, shamefully, was the Disney movie story. I was happily surprised to see that it was NOT like the movie; it was better. The story is more believable and captivating. The characters, mainly Tarzan, are developed well and the plot is riveting.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
  • Old Man's War

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 58 mins)
    • By John Scalzi
    • Narrated By William Dufris
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday. First, he visited his wife's grave. Then he joined the army. The good news is that humanity finally made it into interstellar space. The bad news is that planets fit to live on are scarce - and alien races willing to fight us for them are common. So, we fight, to defend Earth and to stake our own claim to planetary real estate. Far from Earth, the war has been going on for decades: brutal, bloody, unyielding.

    Michael says: "As good as Heinlein"
    "Great Refreshing Book!"
    Do you have any additional comments?

    Old Man's War by John Scalzi explores the issue of growing old and dying, but with a twist. Scalzi expores the question, "what if one didn't have to die when they got old?" Through a science fiction storyline, Scalzi follows a man through his journey into the ranks of the unknown and secretive colonal defense force where it is alleged that old people are given a second chance at life if they fight for the CDF. The author weaves sci/fi, humor, and action together to form a great story that is intriguing: keeping the reader wanting to know more and more.
    I generally enjoy authors like Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordon, and Patrick Rothfuss. This book was an enjoyable listen and the narrator was top notch. Definitly worth the credit.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
  • Ghost Story: The Dresden Files, Book 13 - Free First Chapter

    • UNABRIDGED (10 mins)
    • By Jim Butcher
    • Narrated By John Glover

    When we last left the mighty wizard detective Harry Dresden, he wasn't doing well. In fact, he had been murdered by an unknown assassin. But being dead doesn't stop him when his friends are in danger. Except now he has nobody, and no magic to help him. And there are also several dark spirits roaming the Chicago shadows who owe Harry some payback of their own. To save his friends-and his own soul-Harry will have to pull off the ultimate trick without any magic...

    Lifelong Reader says: "Beyond disappointed"
    "Dresden Truly is Dead if he's not James Marsters"

    John Glover is great, but the audiobook should be re-recorded with James. I will not buy the audio version UNTIL it is recored by James, as it should be.

    3 of 6 people found this review helpful
  • The Hot Gate: Troy Rising, Book Three

    • UNABRIDGED (16 hrs and 2 mins)
    • By John Ringo
    • Narrated By Mark Boyett
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The fight to free the Earth from alien domination began in Live Free or Die, and continued in Citadel. Now Tyler Vernon and his troops aboard the gigantic battle station Troy face a desperate battle with the forces of galactic tyranny. And the very survival of the Earth and its people is not all that is at stake. The galaxy itself must choose to live free or die - and if the tyrants win this battle, darkness will fall across the galaxy for millennia to come.

    Valerie says: "Too Talky"
    "What Happened?"

    As some of the other reviewers have said, the first two books in this trilogy were good. They were well written with developed plots. This book, however, dwells too much on culture clashes and way too much time is wasted on seemingly useless fluff. The story lines don't really reach any type of conclusion and you are left scratching your head thinking, "What? That's it?"

    The author seems to have either rushed to get this book written or lost interest in the developing and writing a good conclusion to his story. Its a shame because the first two books were good.

    2 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • The Passage: The Passage Trilogy, Book 1

    • UNABRIDGED (36 hrs and 52 mins)
    • By Justin Cronin
    • Narrated By Scott Brick, Adenrele Ojo, Abby Craden
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    First, the unthinkable: a security breach at a secret U.S. government facility unleashes the monstrous product of a chilling military experiment. Then, the unspeakable: a night of chaos and carnage gives way to sunrise on a nation, and ultimately a world, forever altered. All that remains for the stunned survivors is the long fight ahead and a future ruled by fear—of darkness, of death, of a fate far worse.

    Nicole says: "You love it or you hate it..."
    "36 Hours."

    This book is very long. Not only is the book long but the narrator reads a little on the slow side so I am sure that it could have been shorter. This book is, as others have said, hard to review because while the story does not go as you would think or even like, it is still interesting. Since I find reviews most helpful when I know the reviewers taste in books, I will list some of my favorite authors and series; Wheel of time by Robert Jordon, Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, Codex Alera and Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. While I tend to stay in the fantasy genre, this post apocolyptic caught my attention however, it was dissapointing and depressing. If you don't like the first couple of chapters then you will not like the book. Remember; 36hours.

    0 of 1 people found this review helpful
  • Echoes of the Fourth Magic

    • UNABRIDGED (11 hrs and 15 mins)
    • By R. A. Salvatore
    • Narrated By Lloyd James
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Jeff "Del" DelGuidice was proud of his assignment to the research submarine the Unicorn. But his mission had barely begun when the vessel was sucked into a mysterious undersea void where time stood still - before being propelled forward through the centuries. The crew surfaced in a strange, magical world changed forever by nuclear holocaust. Here a race of angelic beings had taken pity on the remnants of humankind, offering a chosen few a precious second chance.

    Robert says: "Good but not exceptional"
    "Good but not exceptional"

    This is a good book with a GREAT narrator. The story itself is interesting enough as Salvatore puts an atypical spin on fantasy book. There is part of me that liked the fact that the book did not follow the traditional path of the hero rising from nothing to defeat the warlock and save the damsel in distress. There is also part of me that wanted a bit more of the "WOW" factor however, I must applaud Salvatore for taking a step outside the box and not falling on his face. I was hoping for some sort of sequel but it looks as if this is stand alone story. As I said above. Good read but definitely not great.

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful
  • Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

    • UNABRIDGED (44 mins)
    • By Jonathan Edwards
    • Narrated By Max McLean

    Sinners in the Hands of Angry God is considered the most famous sermon ever preached in American history. Jonathan Edwards delivered this message on July 8, 1741, in Enfield, Connecticut. Many who heard it trembled and cried out for mercy. Others fainted. Five hundred people were converted that day.

    Louis says: "A Sermon of the Great Mercy of God"
    "Great Sermon and Great Reading"

    Phenomenal eye opening sermon with a narrator that's captivates and holds your attention. I highly recommend this reading of "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God".

    0 of 0 people found this review helpful
  • Stone of Tears: Sword of Truth, Book 2

    • UNABRIDGED (38 hrs and 32 mins)
    • By Terry Goodkind
    • Narrated By Jim Bond

    The veil to the underworld has been torn, and Rahl, from beyond the veil, begins to summon a sinister power more dreadful than any he has wielded before. Horrifying creatures escape through the torn veil, wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting world above.

    Bo Laughlin says: "Great Book - Almost ruined by the narrator"
    "Great book; Horrible Narration"

    I have read all of the Sword of Truth books and really like the series. I got the first audiobook and loved it. The narrator was great with all the voices and after it was finished, left me wanting the second audiobook. Little did I know that the narrator had changed. I listened to this guy for 3 minutes and couldn't take anymore. His voice is monotoned and its almost as if a robot is reading it. Download at your own risk!!!

    3 of 4 people found this review helpful

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