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Kristina K. Rogan

K. K. Sutro

Missouri | Member Since 2008

  • 7 reviews
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  • Demon from the Dark: Immortals After Dark, Book 10

    • UNABRIDGED (12 hrs and 25 mins)
    • By Kresley Cole
    • Narrated By Robert Petkoff
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Malkom Slaine: tormented by his sordid past and racked by vampiric hungers, he’s pushed to the brink by the green-eyed beauty under his guard. Carrow Graie: hiding her own sorrows, she lives only for the next party or prank. Until she meets a tortured warrior worth saving. In order for Malkom and Carrow to survive, he must unleash both the demon and vampire inside him. When Malkom becomes the nightmare his own people feared, will he lose the woman he craves body and soul?

    Julius says: "I love these books"
    "New To Audible, not a new release (Spoilers)"
    Would you listen to Demon from the Dark again? Why?

    Yes, Because the story keeps my attention and the narrator does a great job creating the characters they way they were written.

    Who was your favorite character and why?

    Since I love the whole series it's hard to pick just one character since most of them have some roll or another to play in each book. If I had to choose just one from this story it would have to be Carro over Slain because the character although having her own sad issues didn't succumb to a victim mentality.

    Which scene was your favorite?

    The one where Slain finally gets a clue and goes to the cabin to see Carro and Ruby are packing up to leave. The emotion Slain goes through when he thinks they're leaving him serves him right even if he's wrong.

    Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

    Ruby getting separated from Carro in the cave, and Carro getting Slain to help as well as his shock and astonishment of Carro's devotion to the girl.

    Any additional comments?

    I read this book so long ago that when it was billed as a new release I got excited and downloaded it. Normally I hate it when that happens but I loved the story enough that hearing it this time was like the first time all over. There's a difference in the terms New Release and New to Audible. If there's a way to tell the difference with out having to look in my nook or audible libraries first I'd love to know it.

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  • Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles

    • UNABRIDGED (18 hrs and 52 mins)
    • By Anne Rice
    • Narrated By Simon Vance
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The novel opens with the vampire world in crisis… vampires have been proliferating out of control; burnings have commenced all over the world, huge massacres similar to those carried out by Akasha in The Queen of the Damned… Old vampires, roused from slumber in the earth are doing the bidding of a Voice commanding that they indiscriminately burn vampire-mavericks in cities from Paris and Mumbai to Hong Kong, Kyoto, and San Francisco.

    Bruce says: "There is Wonderous Power in The Blood - I loved it"
    "The Brat Prince Grows Up!"
    Would you listen to Prince Lestat again? Why?

    Yes I will definitely listen to it again just as soon as I finish collecting all the others on Audible!

    What other book might you compare Prince Lestat to and why?

    Reading Prince Lestat reminded me dearly of whole series and all of the characters I didn't realize how badly I'd missed. If I had to compare this series to any other I'd have to say due to the sweeping vistas of character and visual development it's among good company with Terry Goodkind and Diana Gabaldon. Although the Subject matter is completely different they are all writers that whisk you away into their own worlds and make you want to stay.

    Have you listened to any of Simon Vance’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

    Simon Vance is new to me but he was fantastic.

    Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

    I had several extreme reactions, but this book, I came to understand was about the Brat Prince coming into his maturity, creating and owning his own Identity. Ann Rice has evolved her children of the night and as much as I want to weep for the loss of the way things were, I can't help but be relieved by the peace all of my favorite characters find and how they find it.

    Any additional comments?

    Dear Anne, Some Novellas here and there would be nice. Victor needs a story! Everrard is going to kick somone's butt I just know it, and if the "Twins" happen to appear hear and there it wouldn't be so bad would it?

    13 of 16 people found this review helpful
  • Severed Souls: Sword of Truth, Book 14

    • UNABRIDGED (18 hrs and 16 mins)
    • By Terry Goodkind
    • Narrated By Sam Tsoutsouvas
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Enter the unique world of Terry Goodkind. A world of high adventure, brilliant storytelling, and people you will never forget. A sweeping new novel of Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, and their world.

    David says: "Opinion on Severed Souls"
    "Soooo Frustrating, When's the next one out?"
    If you could sum up Severed Souls in three words, what would they be?

    Intense, Shocking, Adventure

    What was one of the most memorable moments of Severed Souls?

    The memorable moments are so numerous that I just can't pick one when there are at least 4 of them that stand out. No spoilers here if you are a fan of the Sword Of Truth series you will not be disappointed with this story.

    What about Sam Tsoutsouvas’s performance did you like?

    Sam's voice is a heroic as the characters he portrays.

    Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

    One shocking moment that became more and more shocking by the end of the book and the event was not resolved in a "Psych!" manner. The other shocker of course will be dealt with in the next book or not only will it be the "end of Prophecy" but also the end of an epic story line.

    Any additional comments?

    I love Terry Goodkind's work even though the amount of time he spends explaining things tends to get on my nerves, I never finish a book without wanting to know when the next one is coming! I find his main characters are set up to be magically powerful for the most part but in the times those abilities would come in the most handy they are out of commission most of the time, which is frustrating but drives the suspense of the story. This story seemed to give off a since of winding things up for Richard and Kahlan and I can only hope that they are at least vindicated by the time the story finally ends.

    3 of 5 people found this review helpful
  • Better Homes and Hauntings

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 58 mins)
    • By Molly Harper
    • Narrated By Amanda Ronconi
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    When Nina Linden is hired to landscape a private island off the New England coast, she sees it as her chance to rebuild her failing business after being cheated by her unscrupulous ex. She never expects that her new client, software mogul Deacon Whitney, would see more in her than just a talented gardener. Deacon has paid top dollar to the crews he’s hired to renovate the desolate Whitney estate - he had to, because the bumps, thumps, and unexplained sightings of ghostly figures in 19th-century dress are driving workers away faster than he can say “Boo.”

    Jonathan says: "Would I let (ok, want) my daughter to marry a ..."
    "Love Molly but not this story"
    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

    This book would be more for a first time Molly Harper reader. If they get past this one they will be especially surprised because the rest of her books are infinitely better than this one.

    What was most disappointing about Molly Harper’s story?

    Couldn't keep track of who the main characters were and not enough bonding time with any of the characters to really get into them, The story was unstable with all of the random bouncing around and it was hard to keep track because the characters didn't have a solid introductory base.

    What do you think the narrator could have done better?

    The narrator is awesome, it was the story that was written in an off the wall manner.

    What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?

    Disappointment. Had this book in my wish list for a while and it has been to hard to pay attention to. Only half way through and I already just want it to stop.

    Any additional comments?

    Don't let one bad review spoil the whole cart. Molly Harper's Books are 99.9 percent amazing. This just happens to be the .1 that isn't .

    20 of 21 people found this review helpful
  • Lover Unbound, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5

    • UNABRIDGED (17 hrs and 25 mins)
    • By J.R. Ward
    • Narrated By Jim Frangione

    Suffering a horrific childhood as the son of a Bloodletter in his father's war camp, Vishous pledges death to members of the vampire-hunting Lessening Society. Vishous knows no love. He feels no emotion. He lives only to oppose the slayers. But after suffering a mortal wound, a human surgeon named Dr. Jane Whitcomb tends to him. Her ministrations, however, extend beyond his physical injury - and before long her tender hand has awakened feelings of pleasure that Vishous never dreamed existed.

    cmclien says: "Being the bloodletters son says it all..."
    "Mirror Mirror,"
    What made the experience of listening to Lover Unbound, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5 the most enjoyable?

    Jim Frangione!

    What was one of the most memorable moments of Lover Unbound, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5?

    The most touching moments are sadly the most heart breaking, tear jerking ones between Tor and Noone. In all honesty their tragedies and past history are over the top and the dialogue between the two lacks back bone on both sides. Of course the reader is supposed to know that their mutual back bones have been ripped out but In all of the rest of the series the characters are brilliantly validated, vindicated and re-established as powerful. In this one it's too little to late and leaves a fan in a sort of Meh state of mind about Tor and Noone/Autumn.

    Did the narration match the pace of the story?

    Yes it did. Jim is the Voice of the Brothers, no question.

    Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

    The First time I read it it made me mad. Years later as I listen to it.. yep still disappointed in the way the main characters of this story are fundamentally lacking aspects of the way they were previously written. Between Tor and No', especially their arguments were shallow and Tor being the aggressor made no sense and came off as being a hypocrite, while No' just took it like a shrug. Blech!

    Any additional comments?

    What's with the Angel all of the sudden? Where was the Scribe Virgin at all in this story. This Book was saved by all of the other aspects of the book that didn't have anything to do with Tor and No'one, of which there are many and they are brilliant!

    0 of 0 people found this review helpful
  • Fury of Seduction: Dragonfury, Book 3

    • UNABRIDGED (13 hrs and 6 mins)
    • By Coreene Callahan
    • Narrated By Benjamin L. Darcie
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    New to the Nightfury pack, dragon-shifter Mac cannot understand the bond between his brothers-in-arms and their human mates - until the moment he spies Tania and the energy bond between them blazes to life. Driven by a primal instinct, Mac will stop at nothing to find Tania, to keep her safe, to possess her. He has no time to waste: Ivar, leader of the rival Razorbacks, hunts her, hungry for a new high-energy pawn with which to destroy the human race. Caught between the warring factions, Tania finds herself immersed in a world she never knew existed - and bound by a love stronger than time.

    Dresden Parsons says: "Female Character TSTL"
    "BDB Re-imagined"
    What disappointed you about Fury of Seduction?

    I had high hopes when I downloaded this book. It was the first one of this series that I got because I was desperate for something to listen to. If I hadn't already read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series I might have loved it and sped through all the effusive detail jabber. Not that this is a bad book altogether, but I can pretty much name every book that ever inspired the author just by listening to this one. There just far to many parallel references to Black Dagger Brotherhood and one backward nod to a Gone With the Wind line that just rubbed me the wrong way.

    Would you ever listen to anything by Coreene Callahan again?

    Doubt it.

    How did the narrator detract from the book?

    The Narrator was great. The character speaking with a east coast accent trying to use Gaelic endearments didn't work for the character.

    If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Fury of Seduction?

    Since I haven't read the first two books in the series, If I were the editor having already read BDB I would have sent it back to her and had her change every similar reference to this other series. Pretty much every aspect of the book is a direct reflection of the Brothers in Dragon form right down to referring to themselves as "Males" What they wear and how they characters describe themselves, how the characters interact with each other, The Dragons feed off their Females same as the Brothers, it's just energy this time instead of blood.
    Honestly I am surprised this wasn't caught sooner.

    Any additional comments?

    I'll keep them to myself thanks.

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  • Outlander

    • UNABRIDGED (33 hrs and 8 mins)
    • By Diana Gabaldon
    • Narrated By Davina Porter
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Why we think it’s a great listen: An all-time Audible favorite that mixes historic fiction, adventure, and romance with one of the most fascinating literary devices: time travel. Outlander introduces an exhilarating world of heroism and breathtaking thrills as one woman is torn between past and present, passion and love. In 1945, former combat nurse Claire Randall returns from World War II and joins her husband for a second honeymoon. But their blissful reunion is shattered....

    Lulu says: "The Reason for the Existence of Audio Books"

    I have spent the past year passing up this series of books.... I would look at them from time to time and think "Nah,not really what I'm looking for" I was a "terrible fool." These are amazing. Granted they can get a bit long winded but the unabridged version is far and away worth it. You'll find yourself swept away in a fantastic whirlwind of timeless passion as well as remarkable historical thrills and chills. I had to upgrade my credits to get the last three books. No question, it had to be done. P.S. Davina Porter should do a romance with Phil Gigante. That is if she hasn't already and I just don't know about it. "Heavy Sigh"

    2 of 5 people found this review helpful

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