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Cambria, CA, United States | Member Since 2002

  • 10 reviews
  • 17 ratings
  • 615 titles in library
  • 20 purchased in 2014

  • Locked On

    • UNABRIDGED (17 hrs and 24 mins)
    • By Tom Clancy, Mark Greaney
    • Narrated By Lou Diamond Phillips
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Although his father had been reluctant to become a field operative, Jack Ryan Jr. wants nothing more. Privately training with a seasoned Special Forces drill instructor, he’s honing his skills to transition his work within The Campus from intelligence analysis to hunting down and eliminating terrorists wherever he can—even as Jack Ryan Sr. campaigns for re-election as President of the United States. But what neither father nor son knows is that the political and the personal have just become equally dangerous.

    Joseph says: "Give me more! Loved it!"
    "Stopped before the end of the 1st part"
    Would you try another book from Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney and/or Lou Diamond Phillips?

    The story is convoluted, no discernible main character, story contains people with multiple aliases (all foreign names), and Phillips is monotone and his inhaling by mouth is annoying

    What could Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

    see above

    What didn’t you like about Lou Diamond Phillips’s performance?

    see above

    You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?

    Nope as I quit before the first part came to an end. I didn't care anything about the book.

    2 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • The Goldfinch

    • UNABRIDGED (32 hrs and 24 mins)
    • By Donna Tartt
    • Narrated By David Pittu
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The Goldfinch is a haunted odyssey through present-day America and a drama of enthralling force and acuity. It begins with a boy. Theo Decker, a 13-year-old New Yorker, miraculously survives an accident that kills his mother. Abandoned by his father, Theo is taken in by the family of a wealthy friend. Bewildered by his strange new home on Park Avenue, disturbed by schoolmates who don't know how to talk to him, and tormented above all by his unbearable longing for his mother, he clings to one thing that reminds him of her: a small, mysteriously captivating painting that ultimately draws Theo into the underworld of art.

    B.J. says: "A stunning achievement - for author and narrator"
    "I'm in the minority"
    What would have made The Goldfinch better?

    An abbridged version of about 1/3 the length.

    What was most disappointing about Donna Tartt’s story?

    It was way too long with detail that, to me, provided absolutly nothing. As a short example: Theo was looking through a florist window and then needed to explained in detail, various flowers before seeing in the windows reflection his girlfriend.

    Would you be willing to try another one of David Pittu’s performances?


    What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?

    All the above

    Any additional comments?

    I hate to say it, but it just might be a chick book, and this is the first of quite a few that I've listen to (chick books) and really didn't like

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
  • Transfer of Power: Mitch Rapp Series

    • UNABRIDGED (16 hrs and 43 mins)
    • By Vince Flynn
    • Narrated By Nick Sullivan

    On a busy Washington morning, the stately calm of the White House is shattered in a deadly terrorist attack on the executive mansion. The president is evacuated to an underground bunker, but not before nearly one hundred hostages are taken. Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s top counterterrorism operative, is sent in to take control of the crisis and determines that the president is not as safe as Washington’s power elite had thought....

    Michael says: "Great Story-Bad Narration"
    "Someone impersonated Vince Flynn"
    What would have made Transfer of Power better?

    A believable story, which this wasn't, and a reader that was listenable.

    Has Transfer of Power turned you off from other books in this genre?

    Not the genre, just the combination of Mr. Hill & Mr. Sullivan. My own personal opinion is that Mr. Hill had someone else write it or he was kidnapped and held hostage (just kidding... but that's how it appears) and that George Guidall read the book and didn't want anything to do with it (& I don't blame him).
    It's that bad and that stupid. You can't have a book with a specific time frame to have significant world events that did not happen. period!

    What didn’t you like about Nick Sullivan’s performance?

    Nothing. Although given the story, no one could make it better.

    If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Transfer of Power?

    The whole premise is wrong!

    Any additional comments?

    A waste of a credit.

    0 of 0 people found this review helpful
  • Full Black

    • UNABRIDGED (12 hrs and 3 mins)
    • By Brad Thor
    • Narrated By Armand Schultz
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Born in shadow and kept from heads of state, there are some missions so deadly, so sensitive, that they simply don't exist. so deadly, so sensitive, that they simply don't exist. When one such mission goes horribly wrong, a wave of dramatic terrorist attacks is set in motion. Their goal: the complete and total collapse of the United States. With the CIA's intelligence abilities hobbled, former Navy SEAL Team 6 member turned covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath launches an audacious plan to infiltrate the terrorists' network and prevent one of the biggest threats the U.S. has ever faced.

    Sean says: "More More"
    "I made a mistake!"

    There was one review and it was 5 stars. So I got the book. The first part was "believable" but with 45 minutes to go it became stupid and I stopped with 15 minutes remaining and went to part 2. All I could take was 30 minutes and gave up. Everything became a conspiracy. I figured that within a few minutes tides would be included. If you really believe that everything that goes wrong is based on a conspiracy then this is a book for you.

    7 of 34 people found this review helpful
  • Room: A Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs and 52 mins)
    • By Emma Donoghue
    • Narrated By Michal Friedman, Ellen Archer, Robert Petkoff, and others
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    To five-year-old Jack, Room is the entire world. It is where he was born and grew up; it's where he lives with his Ma. Room is home to Jack, but to Ma, it is the prison where Old Nick has held her captive for seven years. Through determination, ingenuity, and fierce motherly love, Ma has created a life for Jack. But she knows it's not enough...not for her or for him. She devises a bold escape plan, but what she does not realize is just how unprepared she is for the plan to actually work.

    Kathleen says: "A truly memorable read"
    "I gave up after 2 hours into the 2nd part"

    The first part was pretty good. Then it got too "dramatic" for me. Various participants weren't believable. It got to the point that I didn't care how the book would end up.

    2 of 6 people found this review helpful
  • Far North: A Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 44 mins)
    • By Marcel Theroux
    • Narrated By Yelena Schmulenson
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    My father had an expression for a thing that turned out bad. He'd say it had gone west. But going west always sounded pretty good to me. After all, westwards is the path of the sun. And through as much history as I know of, people have moved west to settle and find freedom. But our world had gone north, truly gone north, and just how far north I was beginning to learn.

    Joan says: "Spellbinding!"

    First of all the reader was great! The book kept you wondering who/what/where & when. Little by little information would come out to answer those questions, but not entirely. I had to go back a couple of times to to re-listen a chapter to put together some information I might of missed (my attention span sometimes wonders!) then I can understand what's happening. There is a lot of "visual" narratives that puts you in the area, but not when in time, (as in past/present/future)but that could be just my inability to put 2+2. A very different listen/subject then I'm used to, but I highly recommend it.

    4 of 5 people found this review helpful
  • Deeper Than the Dead

    • UNABRIDGED (13 hrs and 43 mins)
    • By Tami Hoag
    • Narrated By Kirsten Potter
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Three children, running in the woods behind their school, stumble upon a partially buried female body, eyes and mouth glued shut. Close behind the children is their teacher, Anne Navarre, shocked by this discovery and heartbroken as she witnesses the end of their innocence. What she doesn't yet realize is that this will mark the end of innocence for an entire community, as the ties that bind families and friends are tested by secrets uncovered in the wake of a serial killer's escalating activity.

    John says: "A pleasant surprise"
    "All I could take is three very long hours"

    At every turn all I could think was "oh give me a break". Her method of developing the characters was tedious at best. The one dimensional narration made this tedious listen not worth the effort to hope for improvement. Of the 200+ books that I've listen to I can't recall ever stopping, especially so early in the book. I just couldn't get into the book and didn't want to spend any more time with it.

    5 of 10 people found this review helpful
  • The Hunted

    • UNABRIDGED (18 hrs and 11 mins)
    • By Brian Haig
    • Narrated By Scott Brick
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    In 1987, Alex Konevitch was thrown out of Moscow University for "indulging his entrepreneurial spirit." But by 1991, he was worth $300 million. On track to become Russia's wealthiest man, he makes one critical mistake: he hires the former deputy director of the KGB to handle his corporate security. And then his world begins to fall apart.

    F. Hayek says: "Superb"
    "I couldn't go more than half way thru this book"

    I found myself frequently saying to myself "give me a break". It's boring. Predictable. Nonsensical. Details that provide nothing to the story except dragging out the story. MAYBE in an abridged version it would be listenable... but I doubt it. Oh... I like Scott Brick in other books.... but his Russian accent stinks and even he sounds bored.

    3 of 9 people found this review helpful
  • Deception Point: A Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (16 hrs and 56 mins)
    • By Dan Brown
    • Narrated By Richard Poe
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    When a NASA satellite discovers an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory, a victory with profound implications for NASA policy and the impending presidential election. To verify the authenticity of the find, the White House calls upon the skills of intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton. Accompanied by a team of experts, including the charismatic scholar Michael Tolland, Rachel travels to the Arctic and uncovers the unthinkable.

    Mark says: "Some people are too picky -- This is a must"
    "Couldn't wait for this to end"

    I should have paid attention to the negative reviews. A few initial parts of the book are pretty good. But then a pattern of "suspence" settles in. The "deception point" is the dialog that purposefully leads the listener one way and then, out-of-the-blue, has an "oh-by-the-way" different set of explanations. After a while it gets very tedious. Most of the book is implausible at best, and silly for the most part.

    2 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • Body Double

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs and 56 mins)
    • By Tess Gerritsen
    • Narrated By Kathe Mazur
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Returning home from a trip to Paris, Boston medical examiner Maura Isles confronts a nightmarish scene. Police cruisers line her street and slumped in a car at the end of Maura's driveway is a dead woman, her head bloodied by a gunshot wound. Cops and neighbors gape at her as she approaches. Only when Maura looks at the victim does she understand why everyone is so shocked by her arrival. The dead woman looks exactly like Maura.

    A. Sanchez says: "Bert"
    "A high school level Patricia Cornwell wannabe"

    I was going to give this book up in the first hour, but as I didn't have anything else to listen to I stayed with it for another five. I had to stop with four hours to go as the story line, characters, dialog and the reader were all nerve racking. The story jumps from one storyline to another with the "anticipation" that it's all going to come togther. Most of the storyline is very predictable. As a character is asking questions I found myself asking better questions and providing better answers! The main character is supposed to be a doctor, but acts like an un-informed teenager. The author must have had a medical dictionary that she wanted to find a use for as she provides details that are supurfluous at best. She tries to develop characters and "love" interests, but the relationships are obvious as is what is going to happen next. It is a "who cares" plot. When I "talk back" to a book then I know it's time to listen to music and download another book.

    4 of 13 people found this review helpful

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