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Loving Father

Northwest Chicago Suburb, United States | Member Since 2005

  • 22 reviews
  • 113 ratings
  • 560 titles in library
  • 29 purchased in 2014

  • The Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine: Joe Haldeman and Others

    • HIGHLIGHTS (8 hrs and 10 mins)
    • By Joe Haldeman, John Morressy, Gene Wolfe, and others
    • Narrated By Harlan Ellison, Cynthia Belliveau, Jeff Paul

    This audio presentation of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction is a super-duper triple issue, comprising ten key selections (most of the contents, actually) of FSF's September issue and the forthcoming double October/November issue.

    Robert Fisher says: "A bountiful selection of scifi and fantasy."
    "Good Stories Sound Quality an Issue"

    I enjoyed the stories but I had difficulty listening due to the mediocre sound quality. At first I thought that I had blown a speaker. I soon realized the speaker was fine the file was bad. I downloaded Format 3.

    Despite this all the stories were good to excellent.

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  • The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

    • UNABRIDGED (7 hrs and 2 mins)
    • By Gabrielle Zevin
    • Narrated By Scott Brick
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The irascible A. J. Fikry, owner of Island Books - the only bookstore on Alice Island - has already lost his wife. Now his most prized possession, a rare book, has been stolen from right under his nose in the most embarrassing of circumstances. The store itself, it seems, will be next to go. One night upon closing, he discovers a toddler in his children’s section with a note from her mother pinned to her Elmo doll: I want Maya to grow up in a place with books and among people who care about such kinds of things. I love her very much, but I can no longer take care of her.

    B. Sorensen says: "A Tale for Booksellers"
    "What a wonderful book."
    Would you listen to The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry again? Why?

    I will shortly. The book is full of so much useful information about book writing, publishing, selling, and genres, that I want to listen again and take notes.

    What did you like best about this story?

    In a book that contains a lot of action and tragedy I am amazed that the tone is fairly calm

    Which character – as performed by Scott Brick – was your favorite?


    Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

    I would be giving away too much info. There were at least two points where I was on the verge of tears.

    Any additional comments?

    I cant imagine anyone not liking this book. Some mature content but probably OK for age 14 and up.

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  • Swarm: Star Force, Book 1

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 39 mins)
    • By B. V. Larson
    • Narrated By Mark Boyett
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Kyle Riggs is snatched by an alien spacecraft sometime after midnight. The ship is testing everyone it catches and murdering the weak. The good news is that Kyle keeps passing tests and staying alive. The bad news is the aliens who sent this ship are the nicest ones out there.

    Lamonica Johnson says: "If Micheal Bay Wrote a Sci-Fi Novel..."
    "First contact gone wrong done right."
    Where does Swarm rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

    There have been audiobooks that made me stop and rethink my role in this existence. This book was not one of those kind of books. But it is very well written, very well performed, and a creative fresh perspective on the concept of first contact gone bad.

    What did you like best about this story?

    No glaring flaws in concepts, fictional technology believable, a more realistic character portrayal. UNLIKE many series books I have read, you are not left hanging at the end. There was a logical break in the story line to justify the next book.

    What about Mark Boyett’s performance did you like?

    Each character had a unique speech pattern so that they were easily identified.

    Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

    Yes, but why do you mention sitting. I listen while gardening, fertilizing the lawn, cleaning dishes, and removing old finishes from wood.

    Any additional comments?

    I read two other books by the same author that are very well written. Steelworld, and Dustworld that are worth a read.

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  • Into the Looking Glass: Looking Glass Series, Book 1

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs and 19 mins)
    • By John Ringo
    • Narrated By L. J. Ganser

    When asubatomic physics experiment causes a massive explosion, interdimensional gateways open in Florida - and aliens pour out. Some intend to bring Earth to its knees. Others seem willing to help, but will annihilate the planet if Navy SEAL Command Master Chief Robert Miller can't stop the menace from spreading.

    Mike From Mesa says: "Great space opera, but a warning ..."
    "Loved everything except for the Cats."
    Would you listen to Into the Looking Glass again? Why?

    I found it to be believable, educational, entertaining, and quite humorous.

    What did you like best about this story?

    The subtle and not so subtle humorous references to Star Trek. The potential for a SHTF situation involving our first contact with an alien race. The knowledgable references to Military tradition and interactions. The creativity involved in interplanetary exploration. The depiction of missions that were screwed up from the beginning. All of these aspects of the storyline kept me entertained, and interested.

    Have you listened to any of L. J. Ganser’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

    I have listened to over 200 audiobooks. This was performed well. I am sure that the singing presented quite a challenge.

    Any additional comments?

    The author almost lost me with the feline like alien species at the beginning and again when a large cat was brought on board for the third book. I am simply not a fan of cats and the two references to cats in the books did not add to the story line. In fact I think that they took away from the story line particularly in the third book when the potty trained cat knows how to flush the spider pest down the toilet? A spider pest that can survive vacuum would certainly survive being flushed down the toilet and could damage the plumbing pretty severely. Overal a very enjoyable read. I was disappointed that there were only three books in this series. I have already purchased one of his other books to read.

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  • 1Q84

    • UNABRIDGED (46 hrs and 50 mins)
    • By Haruki Murakami, Jay Rubin (translator), Philip Gabriel (translator)
    • Narrated By Allison Hiroto, Marc Vietor, Mark Boyett
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The year is 1984 and the city is Tokyo.

    A young woman named Aomame follows a taxi driver's enigmatic suggestion and begins to notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her. She has entered, she realizes, a parallel existence, which she calls 1Q84 - "Q" is for "question mark". A world that bears a question....

    Dr. says: "Slow, Strange, and (ultimately) Satisfying"
    "I felt compelled to finish and then disappointed."

    I review few books that I listen too. Usually for very positive or negative reasons. Unfortunately this is for the later type. The book had so much potential that was left unfulfilled. I was left wanting about a number of topics in the book the moon, the little people, the air crysalis, the cult directed by a leader who knows of the future.

    The book was very long and gave me few answers about the topics above that I wanted to hear about and kept repeating facts that I did not want to hear over and over again. So much time was spent discussing the activities of the fee collector, the womans fetish about the shape of older men's heads, and how perfectly trained the woman was. If I am reading a trilogy some information needs to be repeated in each book of the trilogy. In a single book I see little reason to repeat such information over and over again. This book would have been much better if the energy had been used to further describe some of the topics in the paragraph above.

    I thought the book started off slowly, gained speed, became interesting and then lost steam about 2/3 through. I then turned up the speed on my IPHONE APT and finished the book a bit disappointed.

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  • Jamrach's Menagerie: A Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (11 hrs and 46 mins)
    • By Carol Birch
    • Narrated By Steve West
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    A thrilling and powerful novel about a young boy lured to sea by the promise of adventure and reward, with echoes of Great Expectations, Moby-Dick, and The Voyage of the Narwhal. Jamrach’s Menagerie tells the story of a nineteenth-century street urchin named Jaffy Brown. Following an incident with an escaped tiger, Jaffy goes to work for Mr. Charles Jamrach, the famed importer of exotic animals, alongside Tim, a good but sometimes spitefully competitive boy. Thus begins a long, close friendship fraught with ambiguity and rivalry.

    Jennifer says: "Fun & Meaningful"
    "Story of Survival Against all Odds."

    No spoiler here.

    Overall the audible experience is 4 starts. There were two aspects of the book that I really liked. One is stories about how people lived in other ages. In this case it is the late 1800's in England. The second is stories of survival in desperate situations.

    I purchased this book on recommendations of my daughters teacher. I started listening without any idea about what happens in the book. The narration is excellent and the story is very good. I have spent some time at sea and I thought that the sailing experience was well covered.

    If I were to make any changes, I would say that book this could have been a bigger and better novel. I was left wanting more information regarding two of the characters. Mr. Jamrach, and Dan could have been given more depth, perhaps even there own intertwining storyline.

    Overall good audible experience. A little dark, but well worth the listen.


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  • Pandora's Star

    • UNABRIDGED (37 hrs and 26 mins)
    • By Peter F. Hamilton
    • Narrated By John Lee

    The year is 2380. The Intersolar Commonwealth, a sphere of stars some 400 light-years in diameter, contains more than 600 worlds, interconnected by a web of transport "tunnels" known as wormholes. At the farthest edge of the Commonwealth, astronomer Dudley Bose observes the impossible: Over 1,000 light-years away, a star...vanishes. It does not go supernova. It does not collapse into a black hole. It simply disappears.

    Devin says: "Great Epic Scifi"
    "Quality Writing in a Science Fiction Setting"

    I have been waiting for Audible to have something from Peter Hamilton for some time. I was completely sucked into "Reality Dysfuntion" after only eighty pages. I woke up five or six books later.

    "Pandora's Star" has to be looked at as only a small portion of the whole picture. At the end of the book we still do not have a full grasp of the universe nor do we have an idea how the story will unfold. So I would not be too critical of the ending of the first book. It is difficult to end a book when the story is just beginning. I would blame the editor for the ending of this the first book because I am sure that the author just continued on with the story until the end. The editor was left with the job of determining the break points for each book in the series.

    I really enjoyed the discription and evolution of the alien life form MorningLightMountain. I would agree that some of the haute couture was over the top.

    Narration was good for the most part. I have 183 books in my audible library and this one definitely worth the credit. Enjoy.

    9 of 10 people found this review helpful
  • Replay

    • UNABRIDGED (11 hrs and 25 mins)
    • By Ken Grimwood
    • Narrated By William Dufris

    In 1988, 43-year-old Jeff Winston died of a heart attack. But then he awoke, and it was 1963; Jeff was 18 all over again, his memory of the next two decades intact. This time around, Jeff would gain all the power and wealth he never had before. This time around he'd know how to do it right. Until next time.

    Jonathon says: "Entertaining and more than worth the price!!"
    "My Favorite Book for the past 10 years"

    Replay was the first book that I searched for when I joined audible. I am glad to see that it is finally available.

    Replay has been my favorite book for the past 10 years. I have two hard cover copies one for my library and a second that I use as a loaner. I have lent the book out to no fewer than 10 friends. I have not gotten anything less than rave reviews from those that have read it.

    The writing is excellent. Imagine if you could live your life over again. Would you end up the same person? What would you do differently? What could you do now to change your future? These are all wonderful topics that the book explores. The book also demonstrates how fleeting life is and that each moment should be savored to its fullest.

    This was my third time through the book and I was so moved that I wanted to write a fan letter to the author. I was disappointed to see that he had passed away of a heart attack. One could only hope that he is Replaying his life again.

    Don't just trust my opinion. Visit there are 313 reviews for this book and it got 4.5 stars. Enjoy.

    22 of 23 people found this review helpful
  • The Tin Roof Blowdown: A Dave Robicheaux Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (13 hrs and 8 mins)
    • By James Lee Burke
    • Narrated By Will Patton
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Dave Robicheaux returns in another Bayou adventure, this one more gruesome and gut-wrenching than any that have come before. Hurricane Katrina has ravaged New Orleans, leaving the streets and buildings flooded and the city awash with opportunists, looters, and vicious criminals. There is no order, no law. Police are shooting randomly at innocent people, prison guards have abandoned their posts, and bodies float through the streets and hang from trees.

    Deborah says: "How Does One Manage?"
    "Essential Audible for me"

    Well written, well narrated. The book exposed me to the truths of Katrina that were previously unknown to me. Get it.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
  • Bangkok Haunts

    • UNABRIDGED (12 hrs and 52 mins)
    • By John Burdett
    • Narrated By Glen McCready
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Critically acclaimed, nationally best-selling author John Burdett has earned starred reviews for the fast-paced action, snappy dialogue, and gritty realism of his thrilling tales starring Royal Thai police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep. In this vibrant and witty novel, devout Buddhist Sonchai relies on his karma to guide him through the seamy underbelly of Bangkok as he pieces together the scattered clues of a complex mystery.

    Lehua says: "Funny, weird, horrible, terrific"
    "Cultural Mysticism"

    Very good. Cultural diverse murder mystery. Comical at times this is not a light read.

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful
  • Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal

    • UNABRIDGED (15 hrs and 20 mins)
    • By Christopher Moore
    • Narrated By Fisher Stevens
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Verily, the story Biff has to tell is a miraculous one, filled with remarkable journeys, magic, healings, kung fu, corpse reanimations, demons, and hot babes. Even the considerable wiles and devotion of the Savior's pal may not be enough to divert Joshua from his tragic destiny. But there's no one who loves Josh more (except maybe "Maggie," Mary of Magdalan) and Biff isn't about to let his extraordinary pal suffer and ascend without a fight.

    Hope says: "A Worthy Book, indeed"
    "Not just a farce"

    I really enjoyed this book for many reasons. It was extremely funny. It was well thought out and had reasonably accurate information on other philosophies that were tied in beautifully. I did not find it at all disrespectful.

    I honestly learned some things between the laughs.

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