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Columbia, SC, United States | Member Since 2014

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  • Hero

    • UNABRIDGED (11 hrs and 17 mins)
    • By Perry Moore
    • Narrated By Michael Urie

    In the story comic book legend Stan Lee calls "spellbinding" and "totally original," Thom Creed has secrets. For one, like his father, he has super powers. Also, he's been asked to join the League—the very organization of superheroes that spurned his dad. Then there’s the secret Thom can barely face himself: he's gay. But becoming a member of the League opens up a new world to Thom. There, he connects with a misfit group of aspiring heroes, including Scarlett, Typhoid Larry, and Ruth, a wise old broad who can see the future. Like Thom, these heroes have things to hide....

    Jed says: "Great"
    "A book to have for the rest of your live."

    First, the greatest tragedy about this book is that there will be no more. Perry Moore died earlier this year, and while it is my understanding he had every intention of writing more about his main character Thom, there is no second book or even an outline.

    Perry Moore did something here for young gay teens that very few other books have done. I was not a teen when I read this, I was in my early 20s, but I know if i would have read this book when i was a teen i would would have identified with many of the things that the Thom the main character is going through. The bulling and being picked on even by his own teammates, the lack of any real friends, and the fear of having your parents know or find out.

    But this book is not about Thom being gay, yes it is a good size part of it, but the book is mostly about Thom's hope and dreams of being a superhero like his dad, and trying to live up to what his dad thinks he should be and balancing that with what he wants to be. Thom find fines friends on the way, and he also fined himself.

    I really love superhero growing up, and never had a gay super hero to read about. So you can imagine my happiness when Stan Lee one of the charters of some of Marvel's greatest super-heros came on at the beginning to say how much he supported the work that Perry Moore was doing, and how much he liked the book.

    This book just made me feel so good, and i reread it every now and then just to have that same feeling. I hope this help your to figure out if you want to listen to the this book. I do not normally rate books because I have a learning disability in english type subject and i do not spell or write well so i hope you can understand this, thank.

    9 of 9 people found this review helpful
  • How Firm a Foundation: Safehold Series, Book 5

    • UNABRIDGED (28 hrs and 27 mins)
    • By David Weber
    • Narrated By Charles Keating
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The Charisian Empire, born in war, has always known it must fight for its very survival. What most of its subjects don’t know even now, however, is how much more it’s fighting for. Emperor Cayleb, Empress Sharleyan, Merlin Athrawes, and their innermost circle of most trusted advisers do know. And because they do, they know the penalty if they lose will be far worse than their own deaths and the destruction of all they know and love.

    William says: "Annoying Performance"
    "Awesome Story, Horrible Narrator"
    What did you like about this audiobook?

    I love all of Mr Weber's book. I love the idea that in the next book there maybe more Seijins. I would really love to see a woman maybe with Nimue Alban's appearance. I do love a strong woman character.

    How has the book increased your interest in the subject matter?

    I just love learning, I really love the way the book layes out the evolution of objects. For example the pistol, Mr. Weber does a great job of explaining how the evolution of the pistol happen.

    He does the same with ships. I can really see why one innovation affects and forces innovation on another object. Example why the cannon and exploding shells for the innovation of metal ship.

    Does the author present information in a way that is interesting and insightful, and if so, how does he achieve this?

    I like to think i have a logical mind, and i love love love to learn new things, but even more then that i love to know why things work and the way they do. The author is one of the best people i have every heard in the way of explaining concepts without a visual aid.

    What did you find wrong about the narrator's performance?

    OK this is the only thing i hated about this book, the narrator this Charles Keating is so monotone, in all the other book the narrators have inflection and emotion in there voice. If something exciting is happening the voice reflects that, if the character is mad the narrator sounds mad. This guy Charles Keating did not have any of that, i could not tell one character from another they all sound alike, and i could never get excited or into any part of the book because he was so flat.

    I would say i maybe a bet bias because I like the guy that started off the series so much more, and I am really in my head comparing the two. But I really think i would fell the same way no matter what book this guy reads. I do not normally give bad reviews of book but i could let this go unsaid. I love David Weber's book but if this would have been the first one I ever read I more then likely would never read another one.

    The Narrator reminded me of my College British Literature Professor that use to put me to sleep.

    Do you have any additional comments?

    the only reason i did not give this book 5 stars is because of the narrator. I feel bad for not giving a prefect grade to a author as talented as David Weber.

    11 of 13 people found this review helpful
  • Boy Meets Boy

    • UNABRIDGED (5 hrs and 56 mins)
    • By David Levithan
    • Narrated By Nicholas Robideau, the Full Cast Family
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    What if you went to a school where it was actually all right to be who you really are? That's the enchanting place David Levithan has created in his highly acclaimed first novel. But even if the gay kids and the straight kids all get along just fine, even if it's all right for the quarterback to be a cross dresser named Infinite Darlene and the cheerleaders to ride Harleys into the pep rally, the road to true love is still a strange and winding path, as Paul discovers when he meets the boy of his dreams.

    Brian says: "Kudos to Full Cast Audio"
    "A Wonderful Get Away."

    I loved this book. Yeah it can be corny sometimes, and lets faces the school that Mr. Levithan wrote about in his book is truly fiction in this day in age. But it provided me and still provides me every time I read it with a since of hope and just an all around good feeling inside. I love the Characters, and the story line. I hope one day the place that Mr. Levithan writes about can be a real one and if and when that day comes I want to be apart of it.

    Please know i do not write many reviews. Only one other in the 3 1/2 years that i have been an Audible member. So if i took the time to write this, that means this book is well worth it.

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful

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