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New York


  • Devotional Nonduality Intensive: Spiritual Traps

    • ORIGINAL (5 hrs and 6 mins)
    • By David R. Hawkins
    • Narrated By David R. Hawkins

    These all-day seminars were held at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, AZ. In this series, Dr. Hawkins presents the necessary information & steps to follow to reach the state of Enlightenment, with the focus on the many spiritual traps and non-integrous teachings that a student may encounter on the path and how to avoid them. He calibrates the truth of the statements made during each lecture.

    "The Heart of Man"

    I was extremely grateful when I started reading Dr. Hawkins's books about the role America plays in the world and the great wisdom of our Founding Fathers. Dr. Hawkins’s books “Truth vs. Falsehood (How to Tell the Difference)” and “Spirituality, Reality and Modern Man” are two gems of extremely powerful information which address pretty much every societal problem that I have considered in this lifetime. God really is that Good, that I found the teacher I had always been looking for in Dr. Hawkins!

    I think I always intuited growing up that the American system of government as outlined in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence was a genius idea, or at least the most advanced form of democratic government that had ever been created. What I thought was a lot of prejudice and bias, as such was some of the guilt I had about being born into the fortuitous circumstances into which I was born, turned out to be a lack of understanding and gratitude for what America is really about, the role it has played in history and what it symbolizes to mankind. It was easy for me to innocently pick up some of the anti-American sentiment in the current cultural zeitgeist, as it is so cleverly presented by various media outlets, but I think the heart of the child in me and the heart of the warrior always knew that our Founders knew what they were doing and that I disregarded their wisdom at my own peril.

    I have always been inspired by brave men and warriors - people like William Wallace, Winston Churchill and George Washington. These were bold and courageous men willing to lay down their lives for just and true principles and I felt that any man worth listening to ought to be that way. I heard the tale about Washington riding out into a hail of bullets and how after the battle they saw that his jacket was full of bullet holes, and yet he was unscathed, and I thought that intuitively that was just the way God would have our first president be. What better way to usher in the great hope for mankind than to have a warrior president whose own example turned the tide of that particular battle? Despite his prestige and decoration, he fought as one man among many, and his men were willing to lay down their lives by his example. And yet how magnanimous and forward-thinking was Washington when years later he turned down another term in office, of his own accord (he could have been president for life), and trusted that America must not become a monarchy. These brave men were unafraid to stand for truth in the face of tyranny and did not feel the need to apologize for who they were and the principles in which they believed.

    Once I started investigating spirituality and started hearing about the importance of being kind to others, it was easy for me to think that spirituality was about becoming passive and surrendering to aggression. Part of spiritual immaturity, as far as I can tell, is to take simple concepts like “loving your enemies” and use it as an excuse to do all sorts of things that benefit neither us nor our enemies! I later learned that this was moral and spiritual cowardice of the most utterly fatal kind and that as God's people we stand on our feet and need not crawl before any man. Dr. Hawkins, by elaborating upon the true nature of the ego, has made it clear to me that true spirituality calls for the highest standards of honor and that we underestimate "the enemy" (which is to say the ego) much to our peril.

    So these days I value the capacity for sagacity, perspicacity, insight, foresight and valorous strength as much, if not more so at times, the capacity to forgive and to be patient and kind. I say this not to make a "better than" comparison of spiritual values, but rather because I think what the world needs so much more of these days is wisdom. Wisdom, as I have come to understand it through people like Emmet Fox, is the perfect blending of Divine Intelligence and Divine Love. There are many extremely intelligent people in the world who have read more books than I could possibly imagine and yet sometimes I listen to them and it sounds to me a lot like “clanging brass and tinkering cymbals” to quote St. Paul. Later in his life St. Paul wrote the monumental 2 Corinthians 13 treatise on Love because he realized that what matters most is that our activities be ever guided by our Love for God and our fellow man. It is not enough to learn a lot of information and yet not be able to see what to do with it or else to learn because in so doing we are going to better be able to impress and convince others of our own brilliance, which is intellectual pride or intellectualism as far as I can tell. I think St. Paul had matured in older age to temper his warrior zeal to spread Christianity in the hindsight of his late career, but this is just one theory based upon loose research.

    The people I trust the most and the wisest people I see all seem to be problem solvers and they all seem to have the heart of the warrior. It is not so much how much they know, and many of them do know quite a bit and are very expert at what they do know, but rather how accurately they put all of that information to use in service to mankind. Wisdom, as I have grown to understand it, is really the ability to “get to the point” amidst a whole lot of information, the “critical point factor analysis” that is at the core of complex systems for those familiar with the theory. Too often I think that I have interpreted what was sage council and advice as “negative” rather than entertaining the possibility that this was constructive and keen analysis that was going to make life a whole lot better for me and others. It is easy for the mind to say, “It couldn’t be that simple” and yet the most crucial problems in society seem to have extremely simple solutions.

    I think Dr. Hawkins has hit on so many of these “critical points” that any one of them, if thoroughly investigated, would be fruitful for a lifetime of elaboration and study for the scholarly inclined. Everyone seems to have a book these days, and I myself have considered joining the club. Knowing which ones to read and focus on is where wisdom comes in and Dr. Hawkins has supplied us with ample material, some of which is discussed in this lecture.

    I believe we need to be willing to tackle challenges, break through barriers and continue to aim ever higher still as much as we need be willing to sit quietly, meditate and bask in the Glory of God’s Creation. The blaring of the bagpipes reminds me that both the Yin and the Yang need to have equal opportunity for proper expression in a healthy society. We dismiss or squelch the one in favor of the other at our peril. Often we do so because, without the wisdom of discernment, that which is contextually appropriate cannot be determined. All the more reason to claim wisdom and understanding in prayer and to honor the bravery and valor at the heart of mankind.

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