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New York


  • Transcending the Mind Series: The Ego & The Self

    • ORIGINAL (5 hrs and 46 mins)
    • By Veritas Publishing
    • Narrated By David R. Hawkins

    David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., is an internationally known author and speaker on the subject of spiritually advanced states of consciousness and the realization of the presence of God as Self. His published works, as well as recorded lectures, have been widely recognized as unique. They describe a very advanced state of spiritual awareness which occurred in this individual, with a scientific and clinical background, who is able to verbalize and explain the unusual phenomenon in a manner that is clear and comprehensible.

    "God is a Conservative"

    It never ceases to amaze me when we think "being spiritual" means throwing away common sense, traditional morality and developing a "hate the rich and powerful" mentality. Spirituality is simple, but not easy, as it means throwing away lifelong conceptions and ideas many of which are political and are deeply charged with emotion. Out of our own guilt, and the misshapen pleasure we get from our own suffering, we, much like crabs in a bucket, attempt to pull down friendly hands who would be glad to assist us in fulfilling our dreams in contextually appropriate ways.

    Many of us "bleeding heart" types, if we understood karmic law, would realize that most people who are "born into money" or are gifted with abilities that make success in the marketplace seem easy, would realize that this is the result of accumulated merit from past lifetimes. Rather than imitate success, and realize that we are all entitled to success as children of the same God (who cannot play favorites else what sort of God would he be) we seek to demonize, defame, discredit, malign and attack our way into fancied dreams of heroism and bankrupt idealistic righteousness. We think that we are doing our "poor outcast brothers" and the victims of "oppressive hegemonic regimes" (it's all America's fault is the swansong) a favor, when in truth we are defying our Creator and scoffing at the very essence of Divine Law which is Absolute, Unchanging and not subject to granting preferential treatment no matter how convincingly we seek to convince ourselves that we can "outsmart" God's law as outlined in the Ten Commandments.

    Most people who study world affairs, and are unbiased and impartial in their analysis, realize the grave threat posed to the world by truly oppressive totalitarian and theocratic regimes. Despite what the true experts tell us, we well-intended "do-gooders", hoping not to "offend" those who would seek to destroy us and their apologists, seek to discredit the intelligent and informed people who "call a spade a spade" (much like Churchill did with Hitler) on the basis that by "calling a spade a spade" these honest and forthright people are being heartless and sometimes even racist. The saddest part is that, in this state of mind, we who are inclined to demonize the traditionalist think we are "doing the world a favor" when in fact we are perhaps more lost than the people we think we are protecting, as at least we would hope, in an educated and affluent society, that we would "know better". Yet we do not know better, because we have been indoctrinated by a malevolent media culture that wouldn't know Jesus the Christ from Jack the Ripper and are too afraid to lose the support of what is popular and "cool" or "in".

    So this whole business of weather God is a Conservative or a Liberal is whole lot of dilly-dallying to avoid facing some cold hard facts about ourselves. True conservatives are far more compassionate and liberal, in the true sense of the word, than nominal liberals, and liberalism, especially as it exists today, is far more reactionary and oppressive than most would care to admit, probably because this might involve some imaginary loss of prestige at the academy. I, for one, would not want to stand before my Maker after another 9/11 and say, "well God, I really wanted to be hip and cool with my sophisticate friends so I decided to badmouth my Dad because he was hard on me, because I was such a jackanapes growing up, so I joined in with the crew that said we should "be nice" to the terrorists. Oops.....teehee." That is not the sort of conversation I would want to have with my Maker.

    Scripture says, "we are to be innocent as doves, but wise as serpents". We are to be "tender-hearted, yet tough-minded". I do not believe in a cafeteria-style approach to Truth. That is to say, I think it is suspect, and a matter of immaturity and naivete, when we wish to embrace the teachings that are familiar and comfortable to us and to disregard those which seem to be "political". Truth is beyond politics and Truth typically favors conservative ideas and principles because they are the most workable, realistic and practical. History has taught this lesson time and time again. This is not a matter of partisan politics. It is a matter of Divine Law and the energetic reality of consciousness levels. God is not fooled and he is calling the shots no matter how smart we may think we are. Our circuitous intellectualizing only serves to impress ourselves and people whose favor was probably not worth having in the first place.

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