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  • Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 47 mins)
    • By Rich Roll
    • Narrated By Rich Roll
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    An incredible but true account of achieving one of the most awe-inspiring midlife physical transformations ever

    In October 2006, the night before he was to turn forty, Rich experienced a chilling glimpse of his future. Nearly fifty pounds overweight and unable to climb the stairs without stopping, he saw where his sedentary lifestyle was taking him. Most of us look the other way when granted such a moment of clarity, but not Rich.

    J. Camara says: "Insightful conquering life's challenges"

    Right around the time that Rich Roll was about to turn 4o, he took a good hard look at his life. Nearly 50 pounds overweight he wondered if this was his future… more and more tired, no energy and unable to climb a flight of stairs without stopping to catch his breath.

    Rich describes himself as having a very addictive personality… he never did anything half way. If he sat his mind to something, he was going to do it… in his younger years he learned that the hard way when he decided if he was going to have one beer, he might as well have 10…. (but that is another story….)

    Rich immediately took inventory on what he had been eating and how he had been washing his years. He changed his eating habits overnight, making all processed foods off-limits and made plant nutrition and working out part of his daily plan. In a few months he had turned himself completely around, now fit and a drive that was unstoppable.

    Finding Ultra is all about Rich’s change in his eating and the way he thought about food and exercise. Once he conquered his eating habits, he then challenged himself by running and biking and eventually the Ultra Man World Championship Competition, which is by invite only, 320 miles of running, swimming, and biking.

    Finding ultra takes you through Rich’s life, his strong desire to succeed at a young age, to his fall into alcoholism and out again. Rich’s story in one of never giving up on your dreams.

    Why did I want to listen to this book? I am fascinated with people who turn their lives around for the better. Always searching myself for the next big thing to try, Rich’s story was right up my alley.

    I really liked that this audio book was narrated by author Rich Roll himself. After all, who better to tell his story? Rich’s narration of his life is well told, starting out wanting to be a swimmer even when his school did not have a swim team. What you learn quickly is once Rich sets his mind to doing something it more than likely is going to happen.

    Rich lays it all on the line, leaving nothing back as he shares his battle with alcohol and what it cost him. I enjoyed most his story of how he became fit again, how he tossed out all foods that were processed from his diet and never looked back. In the very end chapters Rich goes into great detail about what he ate and how he prepared it, which I found very interesting. I even tried the coconut water which he swears by for putting electrolytes back into his body after a work out. He said to freeze it so during your work out you can drink it as it thaws.

    Uh yeah… more power to you on that one Rich, I could not choke down the funny tasting coconut water. :D

    I enjoyed this audio version of Rich’s story and found it inspiring to see that is really is never too late to make positive changes in your life. I understand that what Rich did was extreme, but even small changes can make a difference. I picked up some good tips on ordering out and work out habits.

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  • The Fault in Our Stars

    • UNABRIDGED (7 hrs and 14 mins)
    • By John Green
    • Narrated By Kate Rudd
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten. Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning-author John Green’s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

    FanB14 says: "Sad Premise, Fantastic Story"
    "Best audio book so far this year!"

    Hazel Grace has never been anything but terminal. At 16, her cancer has taken away her ability to breath for long on her own with oxygen, so much to her delight, she travels with oxygen wherever she goes. Her life is a daily repeat of her parents watching and waiting, afraid to look away from her for fear it will be the last time.... this is no way for a teenager to live, or for a teenager to die...

    During one of her Cancer Support Group Sessions, there is a new guy. The easy on the eyes Augustus Walters shows up with a twinkle in his eye, and a limp in his step, having lost a leg to cancer and still struggling with the amputated one. Augustus is not terminal, he has an 80% survival rate and therefore Hazel knows they have no chance of being together, after all - who wants to date someone like her, a grenade about to blow out of this world at any moment.

    Yes, Augustus is like a drug, his quick wit, and great sense of humor are too much for Hazel and she finds herself falling even as she tried to hold back. In a different life, in a different body, not one riddled with cancer, he would have been her Romeo...

    The Fault In Our Stars is a book that I wish I would have read when it first came out. After listening to this book on audio I am left a blubbering mass of emotion - and in a good way. Like in the way when you know you have just experienced something BRILLIANT and you can not believe you were the only one around to experience it first hand.

    “Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”

    This seven hour audio narrated by the amazing Kate Rudd is a do not miss on my book. Seriously, if I could wrap up a copy of this audio book and had it to each of you reading this review, I would... because audio book lovers, you are in for a listening experience that is like going to a high-end restaurant, eating a wonderful meal and discovering the bill has already been paid... and non audio book lovers, if you were ever on the edge of trying audio, let me personally recommend you make The Fault It Our Stars your #1 book to try.

    “What a slut time is. She screws everybody.”

    Where do I began my gushing? Hazel and Augustus may very well right now be my favorite fictional couple. Hazel is dry and funny, and you can not help but laugh out loud with some of the things she says. And Augustus, so gets her. He too is extremely funny and witty. Now you have heard of the Make A Wish foundation and you hear how many people choose a trip to Disney World? In this book you will find the great wish to be a trip to see an author of a much beloved book to find out what would have happened next if there had been a sequel. (These... are my people!)

    You may think a book about cancer is just too much, but this book is not about cancer. Cancer is there, sure, but it is merely a back drop on an incredible story of two young people who decide to take a chance despite the odds, and in the end, both are better for it.

    Without experiencing great pain, you can never experience great joy.

    I don't think I can rave enough to do this book justice. It made me laugh, it made me cry. It made me think. John Green has a way with words that sent me full speed hurdling towards another of his books. I wanted more... I needed more...

    If you have already read this book, I highly HIGHLY recommend you go through it again on audio. Treat yourself to something spectacular.

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  • Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

    • UNABRIDGED (7 hrs and 7 mins)
    • By Anna Quindlen
    • Narrated By Anna Quindlen
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    In this irresistible memoir, the New York Times best-selling author and winner of the Pulitzer Prize Anna Quindlen writes about looking back and ahead - and celebrating it all - as she considers marriage, girlfriends, our mothers, faith, loss, all the stuff in our closets, and more. Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake is filled with the sharp insights and revealing observations that have long confirmed Quindlen’s status as America’s laureate of real life.

    Sheila says: "Worth a listen!"
    "Worth a listen!"

    Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Anna Quindlen now takes a realistic look at her 60th year in this memoir. Within, she talks of the past (growing up, parents, boys, dating, marriage, children..), the present (the importance of friends, not getting so worked up anymore, faith, loss) and the future (decluttering life, enjoying the moments...)

    Anna talks to you in her memoir like she is talking to a friend hashing over the good, the bad, and the ugly while sitting in a sunny chair on her porch sitting ice-cold tea and the sampling of the occasional short bread.

    I have not read a lot of Anna Quindlen. However, I know Anna Quindlen can write, and I know her name as an author upon hearing it.

    While I am no where hear the 60th birthday mark, I was still intrigued by a life memoir by a woman who is known for writing about realistic life opportunities in ways that make you think and care. I knew that writing a non fiction for Anna, would be an honest, even if it was brutally so, look at the life lessons she has carried.

    I for one felt I too would get something out of listening to this book.

    I used to think that surrounding myself with trusting girlfriends was just my own personal way of dealing with so much loss in my life. I like, and need "Go To Girls". Listening to Anna, I am realizing that my need to hang out with my friends is not a unique thing, but really - a girl thing. As Anna points out, as we get older our girlfriends become all the more important to talk about everything, and to talk about nothing. I like that.

    From dating to marrying to children of our own, Anna Quindlen covers all the topics with a matter of fact and confident tone. I enjoyed listening to her life lessons, smiling and laughing at times.

    All in all, this book is not just for nearing or over that 60 years old mark. It is a read for any woman who feels they have lived much, but have more left to do.

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  • Catch Me If You Can

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 36 mins)
    • By Frank W. Abagnale
    • Narrated By Barrett Whitener

    Frank W. Abagnale was one of the most daring conmen, forgers, imposters, and escape artists in history. In his brief but notorious criminal career, Abagnale donned a pilot's uniform and copiloted a Pan Am jet, masqueraded as the supervising resident of a hospital, practiced law without a license, passed himself off as a college sociology professor, and cashed over $2.5 million in forged checks, all before he was 21. His story is now a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

    Steve says: "Really entertaining!"
    "Glad this one caught me!"

    Have you met Frank Abagnale.... err.... Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, or Robert Mojo? They are all the same man. AND not a fictional man either... but a con man of epic intelligence and a "no fear" attitude that brought him far.

    During Franks great conning years he sweet talked his way into a pilots uniform and co piloted a Pan Am jet... this "Pan Am" masquerade brought him money, fame, and women from all over the world. Frank also practiced law without a license and forged over $2.5 million dollars in checks - all before he was 21.

    Abagnale lived a life of luxury and fantasy until the law caught up with him. Now recognized as the nations leading authority on foul-play, Abagnale shares his incredible, occasionally hilarious true story of being a man with a mission.

    I seen the movie Catch Me If You Can many years ago, starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DeCaprio (as Frank Abagnale). I really enjoyed the movie and knew it was based on a true story and that was that.
    Then last month, had one of their fabulous audio book sales I chose this one for $4.95. Turns out, that was a great $5 buy! As soon as I started listening, I knew I was in for a treat. Narrator Barrett Whitener tells it like it is and I was quick to realize that this audio was going to be better, MUCH better, than the movie.
    Told in great detail, Catch Me If You Can is Frank's true retelling of his start during his teenage years as he had bigger dreams and wants than he had money. His swindling career started with his own father (which he regrets to this day), and went as big as posing as a Pan Am Pilot and receiving all the perks that go with it.
    When you listen to how Frank makes things happen for himself you will be astounded how simply he gets away with things. A few phone calls posing as reporters, students, and trainees, gets Frank the information he needs, a few questions to the right people finds him being fit for uniforms, receiving the tools to make forged licenses, and at one time - even flying on a fake passport.
    Franks story is one that is both frightening (at how simple his forgeries are!) and astoundingly laughable (Franks escape off a plane through the toilet is certainly one I will not soon forget!).
    If you are looking for an interesting and well narrated audio, look no further than Catch Me If You Can. I find myself still talking to friends about this one!

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