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Hopelessly addicted to Audio Books! I started listening as a distraction to the aggravation of driving, now I listen all the time :)

Arlington, TX, United States | Member Since 2014

  • 32 reviews
  • 69 ratings
  • 514 titles in library
  • 0 purchased in 2015

  • The Neon Rain: A Dave Robicheaux Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 22 mins)
    • By James Lee Burke
    • Narrated By Will Patton
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    New York Times best-selling author James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux novels began with this first hard-hitting entry in the series. In The Neon Rain, Detective Robicheaux fishes a prostitute's corpse from a New Orleans bayou and finds that no one, not even the law, cares about a dead hooker.

    S. Sand says: "The perfect combination of author and narrator"
    "Shows one why the Robichaux series is Popular"

    I'm a big JLB fan and this book may be the best in the entire series!

    I REALLY hope all of the other earlier books are put into Unabridged audio format.

    Will Patton is easily one of the top ten readers in the business and does a great job as well.

    I want more!!

    Highly recommended!!

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  • Only Time Will Tell: The Clifton Chronicles, Book 1

    • UNABRIDGED (12 hrs and 41 mins)
    • By Jeffrey Archer
    • Narrated By Roger Allam, Emilia Fox
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    From the internationally best-selling author of Kane and Abel and A Prisoner of Birth comes Only Time Will Tell, the first in an ambitious new series that tells the story of one family across generations, across oceans, from heartbreak to triumph. The epic tale of Harry Clifton’s life begins in 1920, with the words "I was told that my father was killed in the war"....

    C. Johnson says: "Standard Archer "class-clash". Stellar narration!!"
    "Slow to start, but overall a terrific book!!"

    This book starts off painfully slow. There seems to be nothing eventful or entertaining for the first 4 to 6 hours; BUT, hang in there.

    This book reminds me of a Ken Follett novel in a lot of ways - which is a good thing as I am a big fan of Follet. There is good character development and if you keep in mind that Archer intends to make this a five book series, I think you'll find it acceptable he takes so long to develop the characters - of course if long and involved is not your style, you'll probably want to skip this one.

    Overall, I am getting the feeling this may end up being one of my favorite series of novels. I have listened to Archer novels before and have liked them all so far.

    With respect to narration, I'm not a big fan of multiple readers, and if I judge the end product, I don't think Emelia Fox added any value to the production by reading the lead female character; however, she was not a distraction. They both delivered a fine performance - Roger Allam is especially good.

    I highly recommended this one, it has the potential to be a great series of books!!

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  • The Persimmon Tree

    • UNABRIDGED (27 hrs and 56 mins)
    • By Bryce Courtenay
    • Narrated By Humphrey Bower
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The Persimmon Tree opens in Indonesia in 1942 on the cusp of Japanese invasion and the evacuation of Batavia (Jakarta) by the Dutch. Seventeen-year-old Nicholas Duncan is on holiday there, in pursuit of an exotic butterfly known as the Magpie Crow. It's an uncertain, dangerous time to be in Indonesia, and Nick's options of getting out are fast dwindling. Amidst the fear and chaos he falls in love with Anna, the beautiful daughter of a Dutch acquaintance, and she nicknames him 'Mr Butterfly'.

    Corinne says: "An excellent sequel"
    "Leaves You Wanting More"
    If you could sum up The Persimmon Tree in three words, what would they be?

    Survival Love Story

    What other book might you compare The Persimmon Tree to and why?

    Unbroken, another good Story of Survival during WWII, this one by Laura Hillenbrand

    What does Humphrey Bower bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

    A nice flavor of the main character's Australian heritage.

    If you could take any character from The Persimmon Tree out to dinner, who would it be and why?

    Nick of course.... A truly unique character, a man's man and a ladies man - one for the ages!

    Any additional comments?

    I listened to this book due to the good reviews, and I'll add my good review to the list. I actually thought this was based on a true story, but came to find out it is a fictitious account based on true History. It is a bit unbelievable to some extent (oddly enough it would only be believable if in fact it WAS based on actual accounts - the only reason for 4-stars versus 5-stars), but still a terrific story and great performance by the reader/narrator - Highly recommended and I will listen to the next book in the story.

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  • Inheritance: The Inheritance Cycle, Book 4

    • UNABRIDGED (31 hrs and 22 mins)
    • By Christopher Paolini
    • Narrated By Gerard Doyle
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Not so very long ago, Eragon - Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider - was nothing more than a poor farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, only a blue stone in the forest. Now the fate of an entire civilization rests on their shoulders. months of training and battle have brought victories and hope, but they have also brought heartbreaking loss. And still, the real battle lies ahead: they must confront Galbatorix. When they do, they will have to be strong enough to defeat him. And if they cannot, no one can.

    Robert says: "All the reviews had me worried for nothing!"
    "Series Back on Track"
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

    Yes, anyone who enjoys this genre will immediately move this series toward the top of their list of favorites.

    What was one of the most memorable moments of Inheritance?

    The ending... put together quite nicely with the right amount of conclusion versus the feeling of being

    Which character – as performed by Gerard Doyle – was your favorite?


    If you were to make a film of this book, what would be the tag line be?

    An epic clash of Evil dictator King versus the last Dragon Rider

    Any additional comments?

    After laying a total rotten egg with book 3, Brisinger, Paolini gets back on track with a terrific conclusion to his Eragon series. Highly recommended, especially for those who enjoy this genre. I am looking forward to Paolini's next endeavor.

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  • Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin

    • UNABRIDGED (15 hrs and 8 mins)
    • By Hampton Sides
    • Narrated By Hampton Sides
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    On April 23, 1967, Prisoner #416J, an inmate at the notorious Missouri State Penitentiary, escaped in a breadbox. Fashioning himself Eric Galt, this nondescript thief and con man - whose real name was James Earl Ray -drifted through the South, into Mexico, and then Los Angeles, where he was galvanized by George Wallace's racist presidential campaign. With relentless storytelling drive, Sides follows Galt and King as they crisscross the country, one stalking the other, until the crushing moment at the Lorraine Motel.

    E. L. Robertson says: "Who Knew"
    "Phenomenal Effort"

    As with other reviewers, I was AMAZED at the amount of detail and research that went into this novel.

    The story follows all of the relevant characters in MLK's life through the months and weeks leading up to his assassination, and collide at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, and continues through the manhunt and capture of the assassin, James Earl Ray. It is probably one of the most detailed accounts of an historical event that I have ever read or heard.

    Likewise, it is eye-opening to realize there is so much to this story that is not available in mainstream literature and/or teachings surrounding this event. The only criticism I can offer is that occasionally, the author gives us a little too much detail, describing what was in someones pockets at a given point in time, e.g., toothpaste. It's irrelevant to the story or the history. It's my guess that the author was simply showing off the level of detailed research.

    Another interesting gem in this story is to see JESSE JACKSON exposed for the shallow, self-centered lying weasel that he is; I can’t believe people actually follow this guy based on his history and his beliefs in his one great cause – “himself”.

    Anyway, I highly recommend you add this to your "MUST LISTEN" list!!

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  • The Copper Bracelet

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 36 mins)
    • By Lee Child, David Corbett, Jeffery Deaver, and others
    • Narrated By Alfred Molina

    Two years after the events of the Audiobook of the Year - The Chopin Manuscript - former war crimes investigator Harold Middleton and his Volunteers once again must crack a secretive conspiracy that not only threatens their lives, but the stability of the world. Their race against time will take them from London to the U.S. to Russia and beyond. And at the heart of it all is one question: What is the secret of the Copper Bracelet?

    Reg says: "Excellent Read!!!"
    "A Big Ugly MESS!"

    I have so many comments on this book; I must resort to bullet points

    ~Exciting Concept
    ~The Chopin Manuscript was good
    ~Alfred Molina is a good narrator

    ~Some of the authors go over the top trying to make their splash, and in this case it ruined the story

    1. Jeffery Deaver: Great job establishing a solid foundation to a potentially good book

    2. Gayle Lynds: Starts twisting the story, in the wrong direction

    3. David Huson: Continues to twist, again in the wrong direction

    4. Jim Fusilli: Tries to put the story on track, does a good job

    5. John Gilstrap: Builds on what Fusilli wrote, nicely

    6. Joseph Finder: Good writing, adds intrigue and action. I'm starting to get excited about it now!

    7. Lisa Scottoline: TERRIBLE! She basically ruins the entire effort! I am glad I had a chance to see how bad an author she is before ever purchasing any of her work.
    0-Stars, actually negative!

    8. David Corbett: Tries to recover, does a good job

    9. Linda Barnes: Continues on Corbett's save and does so nicely

    10. Jenny Siler: I like what she did, builds on recovery and adds intrigue

    11. David Liss: Continues with story line and does a good job

    12. P.J. Parrish: Good intrigue and action

    13. Brett Battles: Starts unfolding, tying a few things together

    14. Lee Child: Gets the story rolling to its climax

    15. Jon Land: Drops the ball with ridiculous twists

    16. James Phelan: Fumbles Land's fumble

    17. Jeffery Deaver: What can he do but end it? He does, but he can't save it.

    Overall I can't recommend it.

    Lisa Scottoline should have been kicked out of the process after reading her disaster.

    I am not sure if I would listen to a third effort. I would probably wait to see if the reviews were good prior to purchase.

    29 of 33 people found this review helpful
  • Protect and Defend

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs and 16 mins)
    • By Vince Flynn
    • Narrated By George Guidall
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    The action begins in the heart of Iran, where billions of dollars are being spent on the development of a nuclear program. No longer willing to wait for the international community to stop its neighboring enemy, Israel launches a creative and daring operation that leaves a radioactive tomb in the middle of Iran's second largest city. An outraged Iranian government publicly blames both Israel and the United States and demands retribution.

    Warren says: "Best book I've listened to this year"

    I'm a big Vince Flynn fan and this is easily one of his best books!!

    He weaves a great story around great dialogue, great characters and great character development - and a lot of suspense.

    I think this was also one of the narrator's (George Guidall) best performances as well.

    This is a CAN'T MISS Listen!!!

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • Titanic's Last Secrets: The Further Adventures of Shadow Divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler

    • ABRIDGED (6 hrs and 4 mins)
    • By John Chatterton, Richie Kohler, Brad Matsen
    • Narrated By Henry Leyva

    Why did Titanic sink as quickly as it did? Two of the greatest wreck divers in the world, the heroes of Shadow Divers, solve the mystery of history's greatest wreck. Titanic's Last Secrets peers into the lives of scientists, financiers, adventurers, and industrialists to bring listeners a thrilling and revelatory work of history and contemporary adventure.

    Jonas says: "Not much diving but interesting story"
    "Loved It"

    I was almost afraid of listening to this book.

    I didn't want to be disappointed after listening to "Shadow Divers", which is another Chatterton, Kohler story, which is one of my all time favorite audiobooks.

    I was pleasantly surprised. The book intertwines the story of the Titanic from plans to sinking along with the current day story of diving to explore its mysteries.

    The reader is the only detraction in this audiobook. He reads it like a "B" Actor in a bad movie (and a poor B-actor at that). This wasn't enough; however, to downgrade the rating.

    A definitive recommendation!

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • The Poet

    • UNABRIDGED (15 hrs and 21 mins)
    • By Michael Connelly
    • Narrated By Buck Schirner
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Our hero is Jack McEvoy, a Rocky Mountain News crime-beat reporter. As the story opens, Jack's twin brother, a Denver homicide detective, has just killed himself. Or so it seems. But when Jack begins to investigate the phenomenon of police suicides, a disturbing pattern emerges, and soon suspects that a serial murderer is at work.

    Tom says: "Is Connelly the Best Crime Writer Or What?"
    "Serial Killer"

    I guess I'm just not into serial killer stories and the cliche's around examining their personalities and behavior patterns.

    If you are into that subject, you will enjoy this more than I did.

    Connelly manages to spin a well developed story. However, this is the first time I have seen Connelly spin Bosch as a total idiot with respect to who he is tracking for the crime.

    Only Connelly's exceptional writing skills can save this one from a total panning.

    1 of 6 people found this review helpful
  • Trunk Music: Harry Bosch Series, Book 5

    • UNABRIDGED (12 hrs and 40 mins)
    • By Michael Connelly
    • Narrated By Dick Hill
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Back on the job after an involuntary leave of absence, LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch is ready for a challenge. But his first case is a little more than he bargained for. It starts with the body of a Hollywood producer in the trunk of a Rolls-Royce, shot twice in the head at close range - what looks like "trunk music", a Mafia hit.

    Dan says: "Another Harry Bosch winner"
    "Cood Connelly"

    This one is typical Connelly fare, which means it's a good book.

    A conclusion and finale was a little unerwhelming, so I hold it to 4 stars instead of 5.

    Dick Hill does a very good job as narrator (as usual)

    Definitely recommended.

    7 of 7 people found this review helpful

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