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  • Envy

    • UNABRIDGED (14 hrs and 39 mins)
    • By Sandra Brown
    • Narrated By Victor Slezak
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    New York book editor Maris Matherly-Reed knows a best seller when she sees one - even if it is just a tantalizing partial manuscript submitted by a writer identified only as P.M.E., with the return address of an obscure island off the Georgia coast. Maris is intrigued enough to search for him.

    DMHVetSurveyor says: "Envy"
    "Lonely, bored, want sex?"

    The plot was sufficiently intriguing to get me to the end, but finishing left me with the unwholesome sense that I had wasted my time on trash. With the possible exception of one female NY journalist, the characters are caricatures. No insight into the human condition here. The plot is driven by conflict, deceit and lust--be prepared for a generous helping of explicit sex bordering on pornography. In the end, the bitter, vindictive curmudgeon turns out to be Prince Charming who falls profoundly in love with the heroine. Hey, was this one of those escapist romance novels written for lonely women frustrated by their love life and everything else?

    1 of 5 people found this review helpful
  • Tree of Smoke: A Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (23 hrs and 10 mins)
    • By Denis Johnson
    • Narrated By Will Patton
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    This is the story of William "Skip" Sands, CIA, engaged in Psychological Operations against the Vietcong, and the disasters that befall him. This is also the story of the Houston brothers, Bill and James, young men who drift out of the Arizona desert and into a war in which the line between disinformation and delusion has blurred away. In its vision of human folly, this is a story like nothing in our literature.

    MadMadeleine says: "Moby Redux"
    "Still disturbing after all this time"

    Missed the original and want to experience the Viet Nam war? Denis Johnson does a remarkable job of recreating this psychotic episode in American history. If you're looking for understanding, you might not find it here -- though the forest spirit hypothesis works for me. If you're looking for closure, I'd look elsewhere.

    4 of 4 people found this review helpful
  • 2012: The War for Souls

    • UNABRIDGED (12 hrs and 46 mins)
    • By Whitley Strieber
    • Narrated By Joe Barrett
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    A mysterious alien presence unexpectedly bursts out of sacred sites all over the world and begins to rip human souls from their bodies, plunging the world into a chaos it has never before known. Courage meets cowardice; loyalty meets betrayal as an entire world struggles to survive this incredible end-all war. Heroes emerge, villains reveal themselves, and in the end, something completely new and unexpected happens that at once lifts the fictional characters into a new life and sounds a haunting real-world warning for the future.

    Patrick Pacacha says: "Meh..."
    "Not for adults"

    I don't know much about the 2012 phenomenon, and bought this book on the supposition that it would include an intelligent, imaginative, research-based exploration of '2012'. It's not that. It is rambling, irrational nonsense. Listening experience: imagine yourself duct-taped to a chair in a room with a teen high on pot and babbeling endlessly.

    8 of 8 people found this review helpful
  • The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century, Updated and Expanded

    • UNABRIDGED (24 hrs and 11 mins)
    • By Thomas L. Friedman
    • Narrated By Oliver Wyman

    Friedman brilliantly demystifies the new flat world for listeners, allowing them to make sense of the advances in technology and communications that are creating an explosion of wealth in India and China, and challenging the rest of us to run even faster just to stay in place. For this updated and expanded edition, Friedman has provided more than five hours of new reporting and commentary, bringing fresh stories and insights to help us understand the flattening of the world.

    Gene says: "Great research, good insights, interesting read"
    "The merchant class in the IT Age"

    Feel the need to become the next Bill Gates? Worried about your position in the rapidly changing world of commerce? Looking for ways to develop your over-populated, under-developed country? This book is for you. Good synthesis of current trends; dozens of anecdotes illustrating successful exploitation of a changing world.

    Haven't yet concluded that money and power are the purpose of your being? Looking for a little wonder and beauty? Look elsewhere. My impression while reading this book is that the 'best minds' in the world are engaged in a highspeed race of battle bots hellbent on destroying one another before the race is over. When will it be over? Not an issue. This is commerce as an extreme sport. There is only the now!

    A flat world is a suitable epitaph for the age of consumerism--a dead can of beer left after yesterday's party. Think I'll switch on the Discover channel and find a world that with a few waves.

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • State of Fear

    • UNABRIDGED (18 hrs and 7 mins)
    • By Michael Crichton
    • Narrated By George Wilson

    Once again Michael Crichton gives us his trademark combination of page-turning suspense, cutting-edge technology, and extraordinary research. State of Fear is a superb blend of edge-of-your-seat suspense and thought provoking commentary on how information is manipulated in the modern world.

    F says: "Did I read the same book as some of you?"

    Crichton uses the reasoning and passion of a talk radio loonie to attack every possiblility of global warming. The real lesson here: Crichton, like the rest of us, has much left to learn about himself. What was that crazy bit comparing 'eugenics' with 'global warming'? Think drugs are involved?

    2 of 7 people found this review helpful
  • No Country for Old Men

    • UNABRIDGED (7 hrs and 33 mins)
    • By Cormac McCarthy
    • Narrated By Tom Stechschulte
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Cormac McCarthy, best-selling author of National Book Award winner All the Pretty Horses, delivers his first new novel in seven years. Written in muscular prose, No Country for Old Men is a powerful tale of the West that moves at a blistering pace.

    Alan says: "Great story!"
    "Bye, Mr. Cowboy, Sir."

    The Sheriff is hanging up his badge and figured he owned himself, and us, an explanation. Turns out he doesn't think he can save us. I figure he thinks we're so bad hurt that we're not worth savin'. Wish there was something cheerful to add. Really wish there was.

    0 of 0 people found this review helpful
  • The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great

    • UNABRIDGED (11 hrs and 59 mins)
    • By Steven Pressfield
    • Narrated By John Lee
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) ascended to the throne of Macedon at the age of 20. He fought his greatest battles, including the conquest of the mighty Persian Empire, before he was 25, and died at the age of 33, still undefeated by any enemy. His reputation as a supreme warrior and leader of men is unsurpassed in the annals of history.

    Bill says: "Excellent"
    "Ready for DOOM III"

    A factual recounting of the events of Alexander?s brief and brutal life told in the first person to an imagined page. The title is somewhat misleading in that when a book is called a ?novel? we generally expect a little character development, possibly a bit of dialog. What we get is a fictitious diary. The only character that emerges is that of Alexander, a charismatic, skilled and powerfully obsessed young man. If there was any virtue in war here, I failed to discover it ? unless it had something to do with self-realization through rape, pillage and the slaughter of all authority but one?s own. Even so, I recommend this book to anyone curious about what once lay in the cradle of western civilization. The narration is excellent, and despite the fact this is 12+ hours of Alexander justifying his life, the tale is seldom dull.

    7 of 7 people found this review helpful
  • Westward Ho!

    • UNABRIDGED (18 hrs and 50 mins)
    • By Charles Kingsley
    • Narrated By Frederick Davidson

    From the coral reefs of Barbados to the jungles and fabled cities of the Orinoco and on to the great sea battle with the Spanish Armada, this vibrant novel captures the daring spirit of Elizabethan adventurers who sailed with Sir Francis Drake.

    gbreite says: "Listen to the sample first"
    "Listen to the sample first"

    There may be book here, but I couldn?t get past the reader to hear it. Davidson?s narration is unbearably self-important and snobbish; his characterizations absurd caricatures. He may have his audience, but it does not include this fan of the Age of Sail.

    2 of 6 people found this review helpful
  • A History of Greece, Volume 1

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 12 mins)
    • By Cyril Robinson
    • Narrated By Charlton Griffin

    A History of Greece is the thrilling story of the rise to power and influence of the greatest civilization the world has ever known. As Cyril Robinson's exquisite narrative unfolds, we find ourselves plunged into mankind's greatest and most magnificent adventure. Also, listen to A History of Greece, Volume 2.

    Jeff Parent says: "To get the most out of this book..."

    Because my initial impression was at odds with the reviews of others, I listened to this book a second time. The redux did not alter my initial assessment that the author failed to establish a meaningful vantage point from which to recount early Greek history. Except for the details of the many wars and skirmishes, there is little here to differentiate Greek civilization from any other Mediterranean society prior to 350 BC. The forces that led to the Greek?s extraordinary achievements in philosophy, science, art, architecture and politics remain as obscure as when I began. Undoubtedly, Griffin?s pleasant, intelligent and empathetic voice is the strength of this selection.

    4 of 5 people found this review helpful
  • Cold Mountain

    • UNABRIDGED (14 hrs and 21 mins)
    • By Charles Frazier
    • Narrated By Charles Frazier
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    One of the most acclaimed novels in recent memory, Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain is a masterpiece that is at once an enthralling adventure, a stirring love story, and a luminous evocation of a vanished America in all its savagery, solitude, and splendor.

    M. Dunn says: "Cold Mountain (Unabridged)"
    "Good Choice"

    This Audible recording was my first exposure to Cold Mountain. I haven?t seen the movie, but it is difficult to imagine that it has the same power to create ?lasting memories.? Our tragic tale is woven from two parallel tellings of the latter days of the Civil War: the survival of a well-borne southern girl left to fend on a rural farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a young Confederate soldier who abandons the war to journey back to his mountain home and sweetheart. While reunion of these not-quite lovers is the obvious cause for Inman?s odyssey, this is not a love story. If you?re expecting a highbrow Harlequin fantasy, you may be disappointed. The gift of Ada?s tale is our rediscovery of an ancient way of life where sustenance is ensured only by blisters, lore and an appreciation of the natural world. Inman?s tale is far darker: full of the savagery within and without. At times, Death and Evil are brought so near we can feel their chill, smell their breath. Unforgettable.

    As others have noted, the author reads his novel. The operative word here is ?reads?; not to be confused with ?interprets,? the performance we expect from our favorite professional readers. Even so, the authenticity of the accent can?t be denied and Frazier?s voice is pleasant and it's cadence relaxed. Very pleasant and relaxed. I found myself losing consciousness from time to time. That may be why I never understood the icy cruelty of the ?home guard? or even how, exactly, the story ends. I?m looking forward to listening to the book again in the near future. No doubt I?ll know then.

    6 of 6 people found this review helpful

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