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BEAVERTON, OR, United States | Member Since 2014

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  • Spin Selling

    • ABRIDGED (3 hrs)
    • By Neil Rackham
    • Narrated By Bob Kalomeer

    With wit and authority, Neil Rackham explains why traditional sales models don't work for large sales. He shows how conventional selling methods are doomed to fail in major sales. And he unfolds the enormously successful Spin strategy, using real-world examples and informative cases. The methods are controversial, and they often go against the grain of conventional sales training. But the powerful evidence Rackham presents will convince and convert you.

    Konstantin says: "Not exactly practical"
    "Research-based insight into major account sales"

    If you only use one sales training book, and are working in large (multi-session to close) sales, this should be it. Rather than just repeating the standard wisdom, Huthwaite did actual quantitative research into the sales process, coming up with conclusions they hadn't anticipated.

    In short, a successful major account salesman puts relatively more effort into understanding the customer's problems through questions, leading the customer to develop solutions to those problems, and the direct business benefits of solving those problems. Rather than the cheesy "used car salesman" tricks which might work for small sales, a good major account seller actually adds value, and Spin Selling does a good job of articulating both why and how to do this.

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  • Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon

    • UNABRIDGED (13 hrs and 1 min)
    • By Kim Zetter
    • Narrated By Joe Ochman

    Top cybersecurity journalist Kim Zetter tells the story behind the virus that sabotaged Iran’s nuclear efforts and shows how its existence has ushered in a new age of warfare - one in which a digital attack can have the same destructive capability as a megaton bomb.

    Greg says: "Amazingly detailed, sober and above all, damning"
    "Clear communications about a critical issue"

    I'm an expert in the field and was pretty familiar with most of the content in the book, but found it a great presentation, with some details I had never seen before. You will enjoy this book (and be terrified of the future) whether or not you have a cyber security background.

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  • Kill Decision

    • UNABRIDGED (13 hrs and 6 mins)
    • By Daniel Suarez
    • Narrated By Jeff Gurner
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Linda McKinney is a myrmecologist, a scientist who studies the social structure of ants. Her academic career has left her entirely unprepared for the day her sophisticated research is conscripted by unknown forces to help run an unmanned - and thanks to her research, automated - drone army. Odin is the secretive Special Ops soldier with a unique insight into the faceless enemy who has begun to attack the American homeland with drones programmed to seek, identify, and execute targets.

    Madeleine says: "What's that droning sound?"
    "Good, but not as great as Daemon and Freedom"

    Since his first two books are in my top 10 list, I was incredibly optimistic about this new novel from Daniel Suarez, and ended up purchasing both the Kindle book and the Audible audiobook. Unfortunately, while it was good, it was nowhere near as good as Daemon and Freedom.

    Essentially, it's a similar near-term tech thriller. Sci-Fi, but nothing which doesn't exist today, or at least nothing which couldn't exist today. Unfortunately some of the tech in this is just silly, and some is basically trivial descriptions of current systems. There were some potentially-interesting subplots, but they were basically ignored after being introduced.

    The characters, just like in Daemon and Freedom, weren't really the strong point -- kind of two dimensional, although not really cliche. There were some glimmers of hope from secondary/minor characters.

    Ultimately, this would be a great summer blockbuster movie; great enough that people will clamor for a novelization of the movie based on a book...

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  • Basic Economics: A Citizen's Guide to the Economy

    • UNABRIDGED (18 hrs and 31 mins)
    • By Thomas Sowell
    • Narrated By Brian Emerson

    Basic Economics has been written with the thought that learning economics should be not only a relaxed experience but also an enjoyable one.

    Knitting Maniac says: "Insufferable narrator, clear and interesting book"
    "The best economics book"

    This is by a wide margin the best economics text I've ever encountered.

    Economics books tend to fall into two main camps: the purely theoretical textbook, and the politically-motivated screed. The former is better, but is often a bit dry -- people outside of academia really care how abstract theories affect them. Sowell does a great job in both presenting the academically rigorous definitions and concepts, but also tying them to modern politics and current events.

    There are a few places where he's a little overly right-wing; economics is about how to efficiently distribute resources, not always how to "fairly" distribute resources, and most economists are careful to note when an efficient policy might not be the socially optimal one. However, overall, Sowell is pretty clear about the effects of various policies.

    The one thing I disliked was that it's a little basic, but for 95% of readers with no experience with academic economics, this is at the perfect level. If I had the text book vs. audio book, it would have been a lot easier to skip around.

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  • Crash Proof: How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse

    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 36 mins)
    • By Peter D. Schiff
    • Narrated By Sean Pratt

    From both an economic and monetary perspective, the United States is a house of cards; impressive on the outside, but a disaster waiting to happen beneath the surface. In a relatively short period of time, the country has gone from the world's largest creditor to its greatest debtor; the value of the dollar has declined; and manufacturing has given way to non-exportable services.

    Heidi says: "Not Worth It"
    "Probably the worst book I've bought from Audible"

    It's kind of sad, really -- I agree with Schiff that the US has a lot of economic and political problems, and we need to fix them. However, I find his specific arguments so vapid and baseless, and contrary to actual economic reality, that it's hard to take him seriously -- he hurts the cause more than he helps.

    He basically sets up strawman arguments throughout the book, then tries to refute them with one or two items in opposition, without actually showing the degree to which one factor or set of factors seriously influences the economy.

    In particular, he totally ignores the value of IP, especially in IT-heavy industries. I would sure as hell rather own Apple Computer than the contract manufacturer in China which builds their components, or the commodity manufacturers in China.

    It's undeniable that the US overvalues consumption vs productive activity, but the shift toward a smaller number of people doing more abstract work is happening globally. It's happening in China too. The world will have a small number of people creating great value in manufacturing (on the IP side), combined with robots and low-skill assembly jobs. There will also be a range of service jobs, including a large number of low skill low wage jobs, but a number of high skill jobs as well. Buying a bunch of gold or foreign-currency stocks isn't going to hedge against this in any meaningful way.

    If I could return this book to Audible, I totally would. If you want a good economics book, buy Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy".

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