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Escondido, CA, United States | Member Since 2010

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  • Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield

    • UNABRIDGED (24 hrs and 8 mins)
    • By Jeremy Scahill
    • Narrated By Tom Weiner
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    From Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen, Somalia, and beyond, Scahill speaks to the CIA agents, mercenaries, and elite Special Operations Forces operators who populate the dark side of American war-fighting. He goes deep into al Qaeda-held territory in Yemen and walks the streets of Mogadishu with CIA-backed warlords. We also meet the survivors of US night raids and drone strikes - including families of US citizens targeted for assassination by their own government - who reveal the human consequences of the dirty wars the United States struggles to keep hidden.

    Lanlady says: "fantastic book -- and disturbing"
    "And the award for best paranoid delusion goes to.."
    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

    If you are currently wearing tinfoil on any part of your body to protect from the CIA mind control lasers, this book might just be for you. The author seems to think that the root of all evil in the world comes from former Vice President Dick Cheney, and his "neo-con" minions. Personally I am surprised that he forgot to mention Mr. Cheney's horde of flying monkeys and his weather control machine. Seriously, it really is that bad.

    What could Jeremy Scahill have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

    I think if the author had stayed on his medication, the story would have been a lot more interesting. Or at least more readable.

    Which scene was your favorite?

    None. From the opening paragraph, this story descends rapidly into a Progressive's nightmare view of a vast, Right-wing conspiracy.

    If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Dirty Wars?

    I think I would have cut more or less all of it. And possibly offered the author something shiny to go play in the corner with. Nothing sharp though, for fear of what he might do to himself with it.

    Any additional comments?

    Don't bother with this one. I was hoping for a decent, first-hand account of the current wars in the Middle East. Instead, all it ends up being is the ravings of a disgruntled Leftist who is, at best, unbalanced.

    8 of 29 people found this review helpful
  • Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain, Book 1

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs and 56 mins)
    • By Z. A. Recht
    • Narrated By Oliver Wyman

    The end begins with a viral outbreak unlike anything mankind has ever encountered before. The infected are subject to delirium, fever, a dramatic increase in violent behavior, and a one-hundred percent mortality rate. Death. But it doesn't end there. The victims return from death to walk the earth. When a massive military operation fails to contain the plague of the living dead it escalates into a global pandemic.

    Big Art says: "Makes my top 10 Zombie Stories of all time!!"
    "This is bad, even for a zombie story"
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

    Having it written by somebody else?

    What could Z. A. Recht have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

    Done even the slightest bit of background research maybe? Or manage to keep his plot points straight?

    What about Oliver Wyman’s performance did you like?

    The narration was the best part of this one. Even hampered by the bad writting, he manages to stay engaging.

    If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Plague of the Dead?

    Pretty much any seen with actions in it would need to be edited. His character's conversations aren't bad. But most of the rest was painful.

    Any additional comments?

    I made it through the first couple of hours, but then I had to stop listening. It was just that bad. The author takes a well-developed idea of an infectious virus, but then does terrible things with it. And his writing is just awful. No attempt to even try to do background research. In the first few minutes, he states that there are cannibal tribes in Kenya that are upset about the government outlawing their main source of food. Really? Where exactly did he come up with that brilliant idea? A 19th century guide book or something?Then later he decides that the whole world is going to quarantine Africa. The whole continent. It is like he has no concept of how big it is. They set up some tiny blockade that might work if you were using the map from the game Risk or something. The final straw for me was the first major battle scene. Everybody from Cairo has become a zombie. They all run, chasing a truck, across the Sinai desert, towards the Suez canal. The military knows they are coming. They watch them for hours from orbit, and all they can think of to stop them is 2 helicoptors and some infantry with rifles. Really? You can't spare a few jets from their busy task of doing nothing to come drop napalm or something? They don't even start using artillery on the zombie hoards until the poor guys on the ground are almost out of ammunition and about to be over run. I just couldn't take any more. Unless you want truly mindless entertainment, avoid this one. It really is that bad.

    0 of 0 people found this review helpful
  • Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10

    • UNABRIDGED (14 hrs and 21 mins)
    • By Marcus Luttrell, Patrick Robinson
    • Narrated By Kevin Collins
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Four US Navy SEALS departed one clear night in early July, 2005 for the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border for a reconnaissance mission. Their task was to document the activity of an al Qaeda leader rumored to have a small army in a Taliban stronghold. Five days later, only one of those Navy SEALS made it out alive. This is the story of the only survivor of Operation Redwing, SEAL team leader Marcus Luttrell, and the extraordinary firefight that led to the largest loss of life in American Navy SEAL history.

    Mike says: "Enthralling and authentic story of valor in combat"
    "Great performance, poor story."
    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

    Anybody looking for cartoon violence and fiction.

    What was most disappointing about Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson ’s story?

    It was written by an English author based on unrecorded interviews of the SEAL involved. Then presented as the actual, first-hand experiences of Mr. Luttrell. The story gets more and more sensational as it goes on, culminating with 4 Seals fighting off hundreds of Taliban while jumping down the side of a mountain. The actual numbers involved in the ambush range from 6-30, with the lower end being more likely. This kind of dime-store novel exageration belittles the sacrifices and suffering that the SEALs endured during that ambush. And some of the scenes in the novel angered the families of those that were lost by presenting them as actually taking a vote on whether or not to execute unarmed civilians. On a whole, it would have been better if Mr. Robinson had not gotten involved in the writing at all. Failing that, presenting it as a first-hand account is questionable at best, and downright exploitative at worst. he should be ashamed of himself.

    You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?

    The description of BUDS training was nice, but with the other inaccuracies in the book, you have to wonder how many liberties the author took with it. Kevin Collins does an excellent job narrating it.

    Any additional comments?

    I bought this thinking it was a first-hand account. It got so cartoonish that I had to go look up the actual facts of the story. When I did, I saw how widely this book was panned by the military in general and SEALs in particular.

    1 of 5 people found this review helpful

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