Paul Auster

Paul Auster was born in 1947 in Newark, New Jersey. After graduating from Columbia in 1970, he moved to Paris, where he supported himself by translating the works of French authors. He made his own debut in 1982 with the memoir The Invention of Solitude, which dealt in part with the death of his father. The book also explored themes of chance, fate, and being, which would be recurring subjects in Auster's later works. Auster's well-known 1987 "meta-detective" series, The New York Trilogy, was an existential collection of loosely connected stories; City of Glass, the first of the three books in the trilogy, was adapted into a graphic novel in 2004. Auster's other books include Man in the Dark, Travels in the Scriptorium, Brooklyn Follies, and Oracle Night...Show More »

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